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Winter adventures in Romania

Rather than suffering on winter sick, also known as winter depression, you can do a lot of things keeping you busy and active during the winter, or at least during those most terrible days of the winter season.

Only for the connaisseurs: the winter has a magic of its own, and you must be well trained to get it

If you are fit and in a good shape, you can ski in Romania, as we had since a few days new snow and low temperatures. So, you don't need to go to the Winter Olympic Games from Sochi yet, visit Romania and ski here a lot. Maybe the Romanian slopes are not so difficult, but you are not supposed pretending the Michael Schumacher.

You can also skate in Romania a lot, there is at least a skating-ring even in the small cities like Focsani. It is a fantastic feeling rotating again and again ; it  gives you a sort of intoxication or bout, absolutely great.

In some places of Romania, e.g. Felix or Herculane, you can also try an unique experience (but again, you must be in the best shape!): swimming outdoor in thermal waters, when outside is pretty cold. Try it, acts miraculously for your health (for a Siberian is nevertheless a child game).

In the Romanian mountains you can walk a lot and even climb the mountains, but you must be prepared for surviving in winter conditions. Sometimes the wolves can occur, threatening the lonely travelers. Other possible dangers are the snow avalanches; this is not a serious danger in this soft, rather warm winter, but you must be aware of that and avoid.
The winter traditions are very interesting and even fab in large parts of Romania

An exciting adventure could be go hunting. You are supposed to walk at least 10 kilometers, fight with the freezing cold keeping a good eye for your prey. It is unbelievable nice for those who really love and understand the winter season and it mystery poetry. If you are still not enough tired and frozen from the hunt, take part to the usual camp fire, which is an unique event itself. You did it, it has worth your time and energy for sure.
The parks from the Romanian cities ( here the renowned park Copou from Iasi) are charming and inviting in winter

If you are not at all one of these winter types, but rather a more urban one, you still can find a lot to do in Romania. Walk in a park breathing deeply the fresh winter air, go in a bar enjoying a cup of boiled wine or visit a museum, any Romanian city has a lot to show you, and will be very glad to make it.

Finally it is an important thing to remember: you will be able to observe the magic of winter at its best to the countryside, in an isolated place, e.g. a pension from the mountains. Probably one where the heating comes from burning wood in your room stove. Add a quince or an apple on the stove and you won't ever forget that fragrance and great feeling.

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