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Wine tasting in Romania with 10% discount in April

Wine tasting in Romania

You could think I am mad, how could I dare to recommend Romania on an established market with such big names like France, Spain. Italy, to name only the peaks of the icebergs. The sad fact is that Romania has no big publicity and promotion, and that's why I dare to promote Romania as a target for the wine drinkers.

Romania remains a wine land, as it has a long tradition in this field. 2500 years ago, the Dacs, Romanian ancestors were ruled by Burebista and very eager about wine and vineyards. Due to the defending campaigns against the Romans, Burebista ordered the complete destruction of the vineyards, because the troops didn't obey anymore. The result was not a revigorating spirit in the army, as expected, but on the contrary!

Nowadays Romania has large surfaces with vineyards, which leads in certain regions to monoculture! The owner of the vineyards are very meridional, when it turns to their wine. Even on this aspect the situation is very similar with Italy and France! Many of the Romanians drink wine and enjoy it. In these vineyards and among these people I found and organized some events which I am going to propose to you.

Namely, a medium lasting holidays of 4 days with staying in **** exquisite hotels in different parts of Romania. Every day, in all these hotels, you will strongly and excellent welcomed with a rich meal, a part of the traditional Romanian hospitality. And don't think that I have forgot something: every lunch is actually a wine tasting consisting on a rich meal and 5 sorts of wine. As a surprise, you  get a bonus as an unbelievable folcloric show! The wine tasting are in Murfatlar, Niculitel, Cotnari and the hotels in Bucharest(2), Iasi, Constanta. You will be droven by a bus(800 km), according to the number of participants. And you can get all these things for the incredible price of 990 Euros. For the April reservation take in account 10 % discount. Mail urgently at for details.

You will be delighted by all these things, I can bet on it. All my guests were very enthusiasthic!But need only to reserve soon and confirm afterwards! This is a wine and food tour designed specially for wine afficionados, like me!

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