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The hidden secrets of wine tasting as I learned in Romania

First of all, don't swallow the wine, or you'll get drunk within minutes. There must be a spittingtool available at your tasting, if it is an exquisite one. If you are simply visiting a vineyard ask permission to spit on the floor, or in a special vessel. The host will not be hurt, I can bet  on it. He will grant permission, or bring a special vessel! Even under these circumstances after more than five samples you will feel a starting carousal, but there is nothing you can do about it: it is due to tongue absorption.

Second, don't look the label. There are strange phenomena of suggestion while tasting; e.g. for the absolutely same wine drunk from glasses with different labels even the most experienced someliers and professional tasters will find complete different qualities! Use the sight during the tasting only to judge the color and the film; besides, hold your eyed closed!

In relation to the above paragraph is useful to take part sometimes to blind tasting in order to enhance your smell and taste. On these occasions, all the wines come in black glasses.

Try to avoid mixing the red with the white wines. If not possible, at least taste first the white wines, and afterwards the red ones (keep in mind, is necessary to keep this order, as the red wines are richer and stronger!)

Eat something after every two sample (a small slice of bread with cheese; or a slice of apple are the most usual dishes ). Rinse your mouth and brush your tongue after every five samples, or when you simply observe that your taste doesn't keep anymore. Taking part to the tasting tour as recommended at http://www.romaniawinetasting.blogspot.com/2012/03/wine-tasting-in-romania-with-10.html will help you get all these tricks of the professionals tasters.

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