joi, 5 aprilie 2012

Do's and don'ts to a wine tasting

These things apply not only to Romania, but to any tasting, and consist in a certain ettiquette, well known by the  professional somelliers and tasters.
1. Try to avoid mixes between red and white wines.
2.If you can't avoid mixes between red and white wine, start with the white ones, as the red are richer and much more difficult to eliminate!
3.Eat during the tasting; eat a slice of cheese after any wine.
4. Do not eat very much and very spicy during the tasting, as is dangerous for your taste.
5. Don't get drunk during tasting. To avoid that, never swallow the wine, spit it. Ask for a spit tool, if you can't see any around, or spit simply on the floor after politely asking permission from the organizer.
6.Don't look to the label, as suggestion works!
7.Don't taste and drive. Even when spitting the wine, through tongue absorbtion the wine will go into your blood.
8.Don't smoke during the taste, and don't chew gums.
9.Write all your observations, as you must be silent, and discuss them only afterwards with the organizers and the other participants.
10.Don't try to be politely to your host if you find a bad wine. He will be grateful to you if you make any good suggestions.

Respect all the above things, but be relaxed and open minded during the tasting

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