marți, 10 aprilie 2012

Wine tasting for honeymooners
Usually, a normal person, doesn't think to go on wine tasting during the honey moon. I don't agree this, as I made myself my honey moon on tasting, 22 years ago. It was really great, and if you think deeper you'll understand why!

A lover enjoys life, and a wine taster does the same thing! That mean, that this very important thing really match together. Not only me, but also other pairs of lovers experienced this unusual combination and found it to be fantastic indeed.

First of all, get a little room somewhere in the vineyard. Must be comfy, and not necessary isolated. I can arrange the stay in the Romanian vineyards, no problem, you are in the right hands! Further, go every day for a wine tasting during in the neighborhood. Walk or run through the vineyard, lie on the grass and simply feel the energy of the Earth. Open all your chakras, it is simply fantastic. Enjoy every minute, enjoy your lover, enjoy the life and the Universe!

I would recommend for the honeymooners that the man drinks(or tastes) mainly red wines, and the bride mainly white wine. It has much to do with the yin and yang principles!
Believe, it is nothing more romantic! My marriage still holds, as we have the good start! And the happy honeymooners from April could get a special surprise, an orthodox church ceremony!

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