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A misteryous insulated town on Danube mouth

If you visit the breathtaking Danube Delta, you have so many things to see and to do. Besides the many spectacular views of natural reserves, protected areas, or endemic species, one of the first options is visiting the little town of Sulina, lieing on the arm with the same name, mainly on the right side. It is actually the  easternmost point not only in Romania, but in the all European Union.

In order to judge the works of the Danube, observe in the centre of the town the lighthouse, build at 1850 on the shore. Meanwhile  the Delta has won 1500 meters, it is obvious! The lighthouse has been build at the blossom of the history of Sulina. The port was very important, all the big protecting powers, starting with Austria, were deeply interesting controlling the navigation on the Danube. In the same time has been appointed an European Commision for Danube navigation, which build in Sulina an imposing palace for administrative tasks. This palace is another landmark of the today Sulina.
In Sulina you can bath in the Black sea, as in the Danube River, it is really unique

There are so many things to say about Sulina. Unoficially and unproofed, it might be the oldest human settlement in Romania, dating back from the VIIth century b.C. In the Middle Age starts the written history of Sulina. The Turks started to use first this port, which is simultaneously a river and a sea port! Later, in the XVIIth century, Sulina was an excellent pirate nest. The pirates used ships, but also the forests around the town, to disappear before and after their surprise attacks. A special mention for the legendary Greek pirate Karagounis, who has nerve and was very brave. He died suddenly, and the locals found and buried him respectfully, in the town cemetery. His lost treasure has been not found up to now,and if you are lucky, could also try. His tombstone is only readable  at morning, after wiping it with a wet towel!
When the Sulina's lighthouse has been build 200 years ago, it was on the shore line. Meanwhile the land has won almost 2 kilometers

There are also other prominent personalities  sleeping in the town cemetery, e.g. an English officer with his beloved wife, disappeared in a ship disaster of the XIXth century. After marrying a lower condition women, his parents forced him to leave the house, and he found a place as a ship officer, and his wife followed him disguised. The both receded in a spectacular shipwreck, and their parents build monuments for them. But the bodies have not been found, and the speculators say that they used the opportunity to go away for ever!
The Pirates' cemetery from Sulina

The peak of the recent history of Sulina was between 1860 and 1939, when the port started losing his importance due to the quick development of Constanta. Today the tourism might be a good chance for Sulina, as its excellent wide fine beach stretches along the Danube, as also on the seashore. It is comparable with Vama Veche, the Romanian Capital of the bohemians in the hot season. In the remote corners of the beach there are good conditions for naturalists, please don't disturb them. Sulina can be reach exclusively by water. This huge disavantage turns to be an advantage, as the travelers number rises permanently due to the genuine nature around Sulina ( e.g. the lakes Rosu, Rosulet, Puiu, Lumina as the many creeks and channels)

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