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God bless Romania on its National Day

God bless Romania, we are going the celebrate soon our national Day

We, the people of Romania, are tolerant, open minded, opened to new contacts. We love our minorities, we love our neighbors, but we remain proud and happy Romanians.

Once in Romania, you will notice us, the Romanians, and we are also going to notice you at once, and trying to help you, if necessary in discoverying our wonderful country and nation. You can recognize us very easily, we speak Romanian, which is very similar with Latin, French, Spanish, Italian. If important, 90 % of us are orthodox, but I  must repeat, we are tolerant and open minded, and not at all fanatic.

Almost one century ago, after WWI, more provinces populated by Romanians as a majority, came as normally to the breast of Romania, and this is actually our celebration from 1st December. Thus we are today strong, united and very optimistic, despite the many problems from our country and all world. After a long history of silent resistance or of bloody fights, we managed to have our country, as we deserved. We are still grateful to our ancestors who facilitated us the today wealth, and we work hard to improve it.

If you are in Romania on Sunday, the 1st of December, it will be impossible to miss the crowds on the streets and the spectacular military parades. You are going to have the unique opportunity to visit the Arcul de Triumf from Bucharest inside, and watching the fantastic exhibitions. The people are going to compliment  mutually, even if they don't know each other by name. It is really a touching event, full of joy of life, as we know and like to enjoy life. Poorer Romanians, and maybe even the wealthy ones, will taste the specially cooked beans with sausages, one of our national meals, accompanied by a glass of wine (it is after all a wine country, no doubt).
You can find in Bucharest and all Romania fantastic masterpieces of architecture and culture, like this Palace from the late XIXth century

Since you are there on a happy occasion like this, everyone will consider that you are a guest of honor. Don' deny it, and don't say no, you are going to disappoint and hurt the people. Take a profit and accept all the coming invitations, causing a lot of joy to the local people. The Romanians are perfect hosts, and will give you almost everything.

Motivated or not, we are really proud to be Romanians. I am very fond of my country and my compatriots, wanna salute them and wishing all the best. I also love a lot my tourists from different countries, "Hello" again, and I am also very fond of you, simple reader of my blog from this huge world. I must send all my love from the depths of my heart to you and towards my country.

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