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Best ski places in Romania

Best ski places in Romania

Romania is neither an Alpenrepublik as Austria and Swiss, nor a Northern country, but offers nevertheless excellent conditions for unforgettable ski and winter adventures.

Keep in mind an apparently unsignificant fact: the 45th degree Northern latitude crosses Romania. It is exactly marking the half of the way between Equator and Northern Pole, and thus exerting a fantastic influence on the climate of Romania, which is mild temperate. Nevertheless, the winter are sometimes extremely rough, due to strong winds and rich snow falls coming from the Extreme North.
The Fagaras Mountains, also known as the Romanian Alps, have some frightful landscapes

Keep also in mind that the Romanian Carpathians are only 2600 Meters high in their highest peak (Moldoveanu, in the Fagaras mountains, which is snow covered longer than 6 months every year). Maybe you can build now yourself a picture about the Romanian winter: after 15th of December and up to 1st of March there are good conditions for ski in the most of the Romanian Carpathians. Despite these favorable conditions, Romania is not yet an established winter and ski destination, and not many ski resorts have been developed over the years. I will try to mention the most important of them below.
Skilift in Borsa

1. Poiana Brasov/Schulerau is the crown, no doubt. Not older than 50 years, lies at 100 Meters, but you can climb in the neighborhood at about 1700 meters.  There are not less that 10 slopes for different degrees of skills, and there is practically no chance to stay dried during winter. Nevertheless, there are no glaciers and the resort itself is expensive (only the very wealthy Romanians can afford themselves to go in Poiana Brasov! The others go whether in Bulgaria or in Austria).

2. On the Prahova Valley, between Brasov and Bucharest, there are many places where you can ski in good conditions: Predeal, Sinaia, Azuga, Busteni with many slopes for everyone. Special mention for Sinaia, a former king's residence, and another special mention for this road, leading from Brasov to Bucharest. It is narrow, and offers no possibility to overtaking. Consequently, during rush hours it is very often jammed.

3.In the Northern Romania, don't miss Borsa (only for beginners) or Vatra Dornei. Borsa is still one of the cheapest ski destinations in Romania.
Semenic is overcrowded on weekends

4.The resorts from Ranca and Semenic are only since a few years developed and established as winter destinations, and work hard to retrieve. What lacks in infrastructure and entertainment is fully compensated through the unusual kindness of the locals.

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