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Cheap healthcare destinations in Romania

Why is Romania a good destination for cheap healthcare

Maybe you are already aware, that Romania is an excellent destinations for your holiday. We have everything necessary for that, starting from infrastructure up to the people. The Romanians are mostly fine, polite and educated, and always ready to offer help is necessary.

The fact and the reality is that your doctor /physician might be an excellent information source for Romania and your possible trip to Romania. Most probably, he is Romanian, or has a Romanian friend, as very many Romanian doctors emigrated, due to the low wages in Romania. This matter turns to be an outrageous brain drain, while the country desperately needs good specialists.
Going to the dentist in Romania is expensive for the locals, but a good business for the foreigners

But we still have a bunch of leading experts in different fields of medical science, mainly in the big cities hosting a High Medical School. I have already introduced to you more times these wonderful cities, I must only repeat now the names with the new necessary mentions. The European citizens only need a valid insurance.

1.Bucharest, as the country capital, has also the best possibilities for offering a good diagnostic and treatment in its many hospitals and clinics. Since almost 50 years the renowned gerontologist Ana Aslan has developed its innovative treatment against all the problems caused by the aging. Meanwhile she died, but has other smart doctors carrying further its ideas and treatment lines, based on the special products Aslavital and Gerovital.
The High medical School from Bucharest is one of the best worldwide

2.Iasi is a picturesque city and with an excellent Medicine School.

3.Targu Mures, a nice multicultural city in the middle of Transilvania, has a significant tradition in fighting and curing heart diseases.

4.Cluj-Napoca, as a regional center of Transilvania with an elevated cultural life, has also long traditions in healthcare. Emil Hateganu e.g. is a famous name among the doctors of Cluj Napoca, whose name is cared by Medicine School and clinics. 
Cluj Napoca is a fabulous city you can enjoy, and besides you can have a good healthcare

5.Timisoara has a lot of things to say in the field of healthcare, counting some interesting and particular contributions.
Everybody likes Timisoara, it is indeed very nice, with very good expert doctors

Besides, during the last years emerged other Medical High Schools in Brasov and Craiova. As I am not neither a doctor, nor an expert in healthcare, I only want to open you another horizon about Romania. All the details are to be collected further  from experts and specialists. I also can promise to update my knowledge and information in this fantastic field and to stay to your disposal.

A simple fact is not a secret anymore for anyone: on the Romanian western border, in cities like Satu Mare, Oradea, Arad the teeth doctors e.g. are very in, and have many clients coming from Hungary and Austria, mainly. The explanation is easy to imagine: they are very good doctors with excellent reputation, and the prices in Romania are still lower comparing to those countries. 

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