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Best Christmas destinations in Romania

Most of the people spend their Christmas at home, it is normal. X-mas is traditionally a family moment, and usually you want to be on Christmas with your beloved ones, specially the ones you didn't see since a long time. As everywhere in Europe, this tradition applies for Romania also.

Nevertheless, dear travel addicted, some of you might think out of the box, wishing to go outside and abroad on Christmas, with the most of family, as a compromise to the mentioned traditions. I think that a trip to Romania on Christmas is to advice and to recommend, due to the exceptionally well kept traditions in some part of this fabulous country and to its fantastic diversity.
Traditional Christmas Carols in the region of Bucovina

Please find on the Romanian map, in the North the fantastic mountain  regions of Maramures and Bucovina. They are not at all poor, even on the contrary, but visiting them will give the tonic impression, that the society is still o.k. On Christmas, the children go to every house of the village, singing carols and wishing all the best to their hosts. They will be generously rewarded with wine, brandy, nuts, apples and brezels; also with money since a few decades.
You can ski in Voineasa in the best conditions

Further, you have the unique and fantastic opportunity to go in horse driven cart. Be very careful, if cold outside, there is a serious freeze danger. You can also drive horses, if you are tough and know to make it. Only one hundred years ago was the favorite way to visit your girlfriend from the next village.

If you are water addicted and desperately love the sea, visit Constanta. Normally you can still admire a marine landscape, but sometimes even the Black Sea freezes if very cold. Anyway, Constanta and Mamaia look strange and deserted, without the usually crowds running up back and forth. Only a few from the hotels you know are opened, e.g. Malibu and Yaki from Mamaia, or Doina from Neptun (which is a good spa). It is maybe the best moment to watch in peace the turbulent sea, or to visit the many interesting museums from Constanta.

No chance to climb mountains in Romania in winter, it is to forbidden, due to harsh winters with strong winds and snowfalls. But I can recommend you an interesting resort: Voineasa. It lies off the beaten path, in the fast alpine looking Fagarash Mountains. It is remote and insulated, thus becoming even more interesting and attractive. You can ski and skate there, or practise other winter sports.

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