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Best New Year spots in Romania

Supposing you are at home on Christmas, as the tradition and the conventions ask. But on New Year any traditions and conventions allow you to go far away, spending an unforgettable vacation. If you did not plan anything in advance, hunt a last minute trip, might be a good solution. I am pretty sure that you are going to find excellent packages for spending New Year in Romania at fantastic prices.

My intuition strongly tells me, that specially Poiana Brasov/Schulerau with its unbelievable and shameless prices will be an easy target for the last minute trips. You must only wait and count on me, as this resort and its exquisite hotels are not going to be overbooked at all, due to a bad marketing and price strategy. Practically untouchable for the normal Romanians, Poiana Brasov is aiming to become at least same untouchable for the normal foreigners.

I think is rather adviceable not to book the most expensive packages for Christmas and New Year. Watch them carefully and thoroughly, especially the meals. It is simply too much for any human being! This sad matter applies not exclusively to the hospitality industry from Romania, it is very trendy everywhere in the world. It is no doubt an example of not sustainable development, and shall not be your aim in traveling to Romania or elsewhere.

Totally different would be booking a small friendly pension from Bucovina, Maramures or Transilvania. Try to limit at three stars ***, thus making a good choice for your pocket, as also for the locals and the environment. I would recommend a place I know very much, until its details, namely the fantastic Casa Bazna from Bazna. They really have a friendly service, and all the meals smell and taste totally different comparing the things you eat usually. They must be almost bio, exclusively based on local products.
The fantastic resort Paltinis is renowned among the fans of winter sports, and offers an unforgettable New Year

Comparable to Poiana Brasov as a fantastic location for winter sports and for having a good New Year, but much cheaper is Paltinis. Very close to Sibiu, Paltinis offers a wonderful landscape, and good possibilities for ski on natural snow. Plus, the prices and the service are much friendlier.
In winter or summer, Casa Bazna offers friendly service, cheap prices and unspoiled nature

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