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How to plan a Romanian holiday

Planning a trip to Romania might be tricky. Anyway, much more difficult than one could think, and one of the main reasons is the lack of infrastructure.

Not very high comparing to the Alps, the Romanian Carpathians are very inviting

The simple fact is that the country has not so many highways, even compared with the neighboring Hungary. If you are a reasonable person, willing to find an explanation for it, I am ready to give it you that satisfaction: building highways is mainly a subject for the political debates and campaigns. Every politician makes promises about hundreds,if not thousands kilometres of highways. Once elected in their high positions and offices and offices, they simple forget all their promises concerning the highways. It really turns to be a collective disease, a wide spread amnesia.

Beyond this reasonable explanation, don't try anymore to understand Romania. The Romanians are really different and very proud of it! You are going probably to love them, as most of the visitor do, or hate them (very few cases reported). The main thing, they are rather sensitive than reasonable.
We have good roads, a few highways, and even controls on the streets

The lack of the highways is nevertheless not the biggest problem of the travel paradise Romania, it could really turn to be a big advantage: the country is authentic and genuine. And the most genuine is Romania in its remote and insulated area, as Maramures, Carpathians or Danube Delta. A serious issue is that the GPS informations are not very reliable: the main roads are very often subject to work and modernizations, leading to difficults in circulation ( e.g. the Road Sighisoara-Medias and others in the area have been repaired for two years).
Don't miss a Danube Delta trip, especially if you are a nature freak

Briefly, for planning a good Romania trip, you must set
1.The budget. Accordingly, you will find the appropriate hotels with three, four and five stars.

2.The time budget. Depends on your vacations, and also on your spouse's vacation, children school program. As Romania is a perfect family destinations, think also on your parents and grandparents, or other beloved relatives.

3.The season. Romania is really a treasure you can discover in any season, but in spring and autumn is the best. The summer could be too hot (but we have air condition everywhere) , respectively the winter too cold (good for survivors, adventurers and fans of winter sports).

4.Your main interests (urban life, rural life unspoiled nature, adventure, bathing, culture, wine and gastronomy).  Everybody will try to work hard here, filling every possible wishes.

5.The way you are going to reach Romania : by plane, by car, by train, by ship etc. Inform prior about the border control. Eu citizen need only an ID card, the other need a visa which they can get to the Romanian embassy.

If you would like to have a travel agency doing all this, I can recommend a  German Veranstalter : Lidl and a well established Romanian company, Karpaten, actually the best in the country!

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