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Where, when and how to go shopping in Romania

If you are a fan of shopping, I agree. It is very nice sometimes going shopping, especially for the market chains having you as guest! It is a good opportunity to socialize, meeting the most unexpected people you already now, but not having seen then since a long time.

You might be familiar with such huge shopping malls (here from Bucharest), but we were not , until a few years ago they were totally unknown to most of us

Some experts, superstars and remarkable persons  speak all the time about a shopping therapy. I think it is already overexaggerated, to be honest, while the eco movement might say that shopping is simply wasting resources. For us, the most of the Romanians educated in the tough communist times, all the malls build across our country have been really a shock. Nowadays, a part of us are deeply disappointed, it is one of the few visible changes compared with Ceausescu regime (the other one could be the democratic party and Parliament life, which brought another big disappointment, about the honesty of the most Romanian politicians).
A huge mall from the province city of Iasi is not lacking on clients

But, supposing that you are a fan of shopping, are you aware about the excellent shopping conditions and articles from Romania?  I bet you aren't yet, as Romania, a travel paradise after all, is not very well known as a shopping destination. And that's why I would like to inform you thoroughly about some incredible shopping opportunities in Romania.

Fact is that, unfortunately for many people working in big factories, very few people invested in the Romanian heavy industry, while the investments in trade are much more important, coming mainly from Germany (Lidl, Kaufland, Real) or France(Carrefour). Yes, you can find all those giants here, and there are no major differences comparing with the huge shopping malls from your country or others, this is the unpleasant side of the globalization. We must say, we are not very happy about it! As a little compensation, some of the products could be not very familiar to you, coming from Romanian producers.

Try Bucharest first for shopping. It has some huge malls, really shopping factories (e.g. AFI Palace, Unirea) and besides has the wonderful boutiques from the Centre. In that area Bucharest is very close to Paris, but a little bit cheaper. Walking along Calea Victoriei, even in winter, is a fantastic experience. You can find some luxury products at bargain prices (e.g. old books, antiques, gifts etc). Please don't miss the Christmas promotions, they are just starting!

Second, you have leading malls in other Romanian major cities like Constanta, Iashi, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Craiova or Brasov. Totally amazing and surprising, in some of these cities the malls are bigger than in Bucharest, as the land is much cheaper. Please don't ask the second question, who goes shopping in these huge malls; you are only supposed to visit it and even make a profit from their lack of visitors.

And third, there are a few things that you can't find in the huge shopping malls: handicrafts, ceramics etc. Remember some important names for it: Marginea, Horezu, Corund etc. In these places the producers selves offer their products at good prices, and you can also discover the production process, making everything an fabulous experience.

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