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Best family destinations in Romania

Depending on the size of your beloved family, Romania could be the ideal choice for a family vacation, but you are supposed to remember and keep in mind a few tips and tricks about the right planning.

If you are young loving couple without children and you are the adventurer type, you could find your secret happiness in the Carpathians, no doubt! Besides the interesting Ice Hotel from Balea at an impressive height of 2000 metres, you can find other interesting destinations, e.g some remote chalets, where no intruder could disturb you. Only the forest animals could provide you some entertainment while you can think to the meaning of life, ruling the same life like 100 years ago at least.
Constanta is charming in winter and irresistible in summer as family destination

If you are not the lonely adventurer mentioned above you still a few interesting destinations, depending of your schedule. Coming in summer you have the fantastic Romanian coast of the Black Sea. Mamaia is a name you should remember. Close to Constanta and very easy accessible from its airport ( there are many charters in the season for sure), Mamaia has developed lately as the sexiest destinations on the Romanian coast. If you come in winter and are a fan of the season sports, e.g. ski, you have totally other choices, starting with Poiana Brasov.

Coming in spring or autumn, you can make a very promising, and also rewarding choice: a cultural tour, bookable over Lidl or Karpaten (or even by myself, having good contacts at these companies). It is for sure a very colored tour due to the Romanian forests, offering a fantastic landscape and a good portion of the culture of this unique people!
Bucovina is a perfect cxultural destination, but not only that!

If you have one or more children I would propose you Bucovina. The people here are very friendly and very careful with children, as they also use to have more than or two children. The nature and the landscapes are breathtaking, you can have a very active vacation climbing mountains. For the culture addicted don't miss the churches with painted walls. The nature freaks should at any price enjoy the fantastic  Danube Delta with its infinite wild life. It is almost unreal having such genuine landscape in this century and on this overcrowded earth. Please think to the environment and protect further.

And the story goes on. I still have a plenty of fantastic places in Romania, if you still have the time to follow me! Asta la vista.

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