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Best destinations for MICE in Romania

As an insider  and an observer of the travel scene since a few decades, I would say that one of the most important and promising evolution of the last 20 years is the fast growing of the MICE sector.

Ramada Parc Hotel waiting for its guests from Karpaten

With a good reason for sure. Many big companies have a meeting, incentives, conference or event (MICE is the reknown acronym for it) to organize. Certainly, there are a few factors for it (conference rooms, skilled and trained people, infrastucture etc.). Worldwide, the Asia destinations, and mainly Singapore, have shown to be among the most important and best destinations for MICE.
The company Karpaten and its corner announcing the impressive Christmas party

We in Romania work hard to set our country also on the international MICE map, and the results are rewarding for real. MICE has developed to an important target of the Romanian hospitality industry, besides the better known reasons, e.g. cultural trips, wine tasting, bathing and beach etc.
The empty restaurant of Ramada Parc Hotel Bucharest before the arrival of the people from Karpaten 

One  the biggest and best travel company in Romania is Karpaten. When a small company organizes a Christmas party you can call it incentive, but when Karpaten does is really turning to an event. I was invited there, thank you, as I am also a part of this big time. I really enjoy it, being also an honor! With a detailed organization and schedule under direct and permanent supervision of the General Manager everything went perfectly.
The same restaurant, full of people (happy people enjoying their meals)

One of the most important, yet decisive, things when organizing an event is the right choice of the location. Karpaten choiced RAMADA PARC Hotel from Bucharest. It was a perfect choice.  Only 10 minutes away from Bucharest Airport, or from city center, Ramada is perfect for a business trip, for a family vacation, and also for MICE. Everything runs smoothly in this excellent hotel, but before all I would put the staff: always there at your disposal, smiling. Unbelievable every time, I felt it personally!
The general manager of the company Karpaten, Mr. Gh. Marginean, was the super star of the night (here together with a glass of wine and the orchestra of the restaurant)

The people of Karpaten, whether employees or external, were very different: travel guides, drivers, maintenance, accountants, management staff. Was very nice to meet all these people, knowing a few of them only from emails and telephones. We spoke, we danced, partying until dawn.

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