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Epic  stories about the most famous churches of Bucharest

As you know Bucharest nowadays, it is a seducing capital, perfectly mixing the most modern buildings and hotels with the old ones. Bucharest is worth a visit for any people, of course, but first of all for any Architecture student, due to its unique Styles mix.

One of the most important part of the Romanian history  and tradition are the churches, and Bucharest is of course not an exception. Near its picturesque fountains, wonderful palaces or sad communist blocks of flats, the churches are for sure a landmark for the big city. At the Romanian countryside, the church is supposed to be the highest building. You can realize, that in Bucharest was impossible to keep this old unwritten traditions. The Bucharest churches still hold full of pride the famous names of their founders, members of the renowned aristocratic Romanian families. Nowadays the churches remained small islands of peace and worship in the middle of a busy city. Locals and visitors as well find them very lovely and inviting.
The curses triggered by the moving of Mihai Voda church caused the tragic death of Ceausescu and his wife!

The Michael Church/Biserica Mihai Voda was founded by the Romanian prince and ruler Michael the Brave and is an amazing and convincing splendid example of  Oriental Byzantine Architecture. His grounder build it on a hill, but when Ceausescu build the new Downtown, the church has been removed by a tank behind the blocks of flat. On that occasion the treasure hunters searched desperately for special prey, but did not find anything. The curses triggered on this occasion have finally hit Ceausescu.
The Patriarchy Cathedral rules over the city from the top of a hill!

The Patriarchy church has a much better position, and has been build in the XVIIth century; the noble prince and ruler Constantin Brancoveanu added later the bell tower. The church hosts nowadays the relics of St Dimitrie The New, the Protector of the Romanian capital. The impressive palace nearby was up to year 2000 the headquarter of the Deputies Chamber from the Romanian parliament.

The small Bucur church is accounted to the City founder, the shepherd called Bucur, which is not accurate, historically speaking, as the charming church dates back from the XVIIIth century! Please close your eyes about it, take it easy and don't ask so many questions!
The Good News Church; the news were good for sure for the ruler crowned years for centuries!

Very old, maybe the oldest, is doubtless The Good News Church/Biserica Buna Vestire, from the old court! Build around 1550, it has been for two centuries the place where the local rulers from Wallachia  have been crowned.

Smaller, newer, but very beautiful and even arogant, is the Stavropoleos church, build around 1720, by a Greek monk. It is after all a magnificent example of Brancoveanu Architecture style

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