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Epic trips in the Romanian Bucovina

As I talled so much about this blessed part of Romania, I propose you now a short trip not far from Suceava, namely from Radauti to Humor(Gura Humorului). If you wanna improve your Romanian knowledge, Humor is the right place! The word has the same meaning as in English, and the people are friendly, joking a lot.

The Monastery from Radauti

Discover in Radauti the impressing Sinagogue, which is really an architectural asset of Radauti, remembering the Holocaust. Further (what means further in a little town with 30 000 people?) discover, walking or riding the bike, the Zoo. It is centered first on the local animals (Bucovina is a paradise for hunters) like bear, fox,wolf, deer, lynx. Besides, exotic species, which are not so easy to keep during the long cold winter, as you can imagine! The people in the area really love animals, and also the domestic ones. It is a tradition for keeping and breeding horses, and you can visit a stud farm just entering the city. For the art freaks, be sure to find an art gallery, mainly contemporary artists.
The Church from Sucevita is one of the illustrated books of the Christianity

Only 5 km away from Radauti is the Putna Monastery. You will most probably cross more times the local train, which is not high speed Inter City, but totally satisfactory for the locals! The location of the Putna monastery has been choosen by the big ruler Stephen the Great, hauling an arrow with his bow! You can see the hill where Stefan cel Mare/Stephen the Great launched his arrow, next to the monastery. The church and the monastery are not so old anymore, due to successive destroying and restorations. Very old and well kept is the Treasure Tower, where the values were hosted during the sieges or surprise attacks. The monastery hosts nowadays the remaining of the big king, with a part of his family, and has a very interesting museum which woth paying a visit anyway. 2 km away is a remarcable place:  the refuge cell of Daniil The Monk, one of the most important adviser of the Moldavian ruler. Observe the sobriety and austerity of his cell (no electric power, no Internet, only worship!)
Spending a night in an insulated cell like this would be the best cure against digital addiction.  Imagine the strength and the strong beliefs of Daniil, the monk living in such conditions for years

 On the way from Radauti to Sucevita allow a break in Marginea, a village with good traditions in the black pottery. When you see first the Sucevita Monastery, it looks like a fortress! They have to do this during those times, you can understand it. These days in the defending walls are the cells and the museum. The church is really spectacular, dedicated to the Resurection Christi, the biggest miracle in the Orthodoxe mythology. Very impressive is the the separating wall, and the exterior painted frescos. Note the Virtue Ladder, or the Jesse's genealogical tree!

Following the direction to Moldovita, don't miss the majestic view from the highest point, The Palm Pass, before reaching and discovering the Moldovita monastery, also looking like a fortress.  Observe in the outside painting something not usual, but easy to explain: the asiege of Constantinoples! The fact is that these painted monasteries were supposed to be living books of the Christianity, with important contributions of spreading the Orthodoxe religion.

Within 30 minutes you can reach the town Gura Humorului, but please observe om your way the amazing villages of Vama, Molid or Frasin, which have and keep very old genuine local traditions. Visit in Humor the renowned Monastery of Voronet, a coronation of your travel through the rich history of the Romanian church. Voronet is surely the peak ( some visitors name it the Sistine Chapel of the East). The colours of the extrior paintings are simply amazing,and you are supposed to observe the blue! The blue of Voronet, actually, which is original, and made based on a secret recipe, probaly with powder of lapiz lazuli!

I am very much afraid of speaking too much. This trip is normally one day long, even by bike, measuring 50 kilometers. And I keep talking and talking! The reality is much better than my description, for sure, you are incited to check up!

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