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Most romantic destination in Romania for Valentine's day

If you bet, that I am going to send you in Romania on Valentine, you won! Why? Because I love this country, and because is a wonderful thing for you, as a guest. And don't bother if you haven't any partner, you can go on your own!
The glamorous Cazino from Sinaia is one of my suggestions on Valentine's day

Traveling to Romania on Valentine's Day might be tricky, only because in Romania on that time is very cold, but you won't sleep under the stars. I would select the best destinations, the romantic ones.
First of all, I will propose you to go on the seaside, in Constanta. The spell of the sea in winter is much easier to hear and see, as there are no the crowds of tourists. Besides, Constanta has also some amazing attractions, like theatre, museums and mall, offering a complete entertainment. I suggest to lodge at Malibu hotel, next to Mamaia resort, a noble place where everybody will spoil you! A romantic evening in one of the leading restaurants of the downtown, maybe Cazino, will complete your moment of glory!
The wonderful city of Oradea and it charming downtown

Very different from Constanta, and also far away (1000 km away) is Oradea. It is not so big, but  really seducing in the Old city. Staying in Continental hotel from Oradea means a lot, and the friendly staff will not disturb you unnecessary. So, please, pay all the attention to your partner, and have a wonderful vacations, good to remember and describe to friends or nephews! The creamy cauliflower soup can make the difference, I guess it to be an excellent and tasty  aphrodisiaque! You can then forget, neglect and cancel the schedule for the evening, stay to your partner.
The city of Iasi is doubtless a Romanian cultural Capital. Besides, offers excellent entertainment and shopping opportunities

If you are the type of lover desperately searching for intimacy and insulation, I will recommend you a small cabin in Sinaia. Very peaceful there, almost unbelievable, unless you are on week-ends. You can ski, and have a glass of boiled wine on the slope, just to raise you fantasies,  in case you might need! As a small break, you can visit the Peles castle, which is an amazing art museum, and have a walk in the city, maybe with a dinner in Restaurant Casino, the most stylish and iconic in the area (restaurant Casino organized a glamour New year party, on a theme of Hollywood from 1930, btw).

Another interesting target for lovers is no doubt the city of Iasi, or Jassy. It has many museums, but also a tremendous downtown, with excellent malls and shopping or entertainment opportunities. I suggest in Iasi the hotel Moldova, with an excellent report between price and value. The restaurant is also enjoyable, for your romantic evening and foreplay, possible with meat rolls and a glass (or more) from the local red wine "Bull blood" or the "Bear power"! You won't sleep any minute all night long, I swear, as I already experienced!

Whatever you choice, have a happy Valentine's day and may your secret wishes come true. If you decide coming to Romania, let me know about it, and book at least one week before, as overbooking is probably, and even possible!

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