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Epic winter highlights in Romania

As a nature freak and wine afficionado, I must confess: I like winter indeed, no matter how many snow falls or how cold is! The winter has a secret charm, and I can feel it for sure. But of course I am not the only one, and I won't keep for myself.

As a child, I can remember my regular winter works: while visiting my grandma in vacations, in a plain village with harsh winter, I was supposed to shorten and then chop the fire wood. It was a very honorable occupation, and I was very happy doing it. 20 years later was closed to be frozen to death in the same harsh plain, watching over a truck with trading wares which ran out of gas.

Nevertheless, I don't hate and i don't fear winter, but on the contrary, I love it,and allow me to suggest now some winter activities for you as a tourist. There are many winter highlights in Romania, and I must select something special for you.
Skiing in Paltinis, the highest winter resort in Romania

The first saving idea shall be, as you can imagine, ski and other winter sports. there are good ski destinations in Romania, starting with the well renowned, but expensive Poiana Brasov. If you go to Borsa is much cheaper, but the slopes are much easier, good only for beginners. Ranca and Paltinis other important ski destinations in Romania.Right time to inform about the last massive snow falls in Romania, making all the ski destinations to be very good prepared for their guests.
Constanta and the sea in winter have a special secret spell and charm

Another proposition: the sea. Maybe seems weird, but the sea in winter looks fabulous, much more romantic than in summer season with their crowds and mass tourism. The chances to find snow in Constanta or Mangalia are very slim. Not all the hotels are opened in winter, but Hotel Malibu from Mamaia is one of them. Unfortunately no swimming pool inside, you must drive to hotel Yaki, e.g. The amazing city of Constanta looks charming, and in many restaurants, as one of the few visitors, you will be treated much better than in the peak season! They will totally spoil you. Use the opportunity to visit the excellent History museum ( as any contemporary History museum from Romania, it is closed on Monday and the known history stops suddenly with WWII)

If you followed in the hot season a certain way or destination in Romania, please repeat it in winter. It has a newer charm, and thus you are also able to gain another perspective. Such a destination is the Bucharest's Village Museum. Visit this amazing museum, observe the old genuine houses and imagine how was the daily life 200 years ago during course winters. It is the best method to get cured about the winter depression.

Another favorite destination in Romania in winter, or in summer is Sighisoara with its unique Medieval fortress, the only one still inhabitated in the all Europe. Discover it, and other secret charms of this small town staying in the exquisite Hotel Binder Bubi. After a long exhausting walk in the hilly fortress you may be spoiled with a perfect dinner and a sauna, making your day perfect.

So, if you fear the winter depression or winter blue, I have the right cure. As the right medication for many other diseases. Please be and remain positive, and don't worry for anything. Life is good and nice everywhere, but specially in Romania.

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