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The weirdest museums in Romania

Romania is a country like any other, and the Romanians normal European people like any others. Or not actually? Among my compatriots there are for sure a few ones who are above, or bellow the average, but it is still normally.

Collecting strange things is not a Romanian invention, and the people just do it, maybe aiming to be different compared to the neighbors. When other weird people find the collection interesting enough, to spend money for watching them, we can set up a museum. There are enough weird museums in the all world, and you might know them better than I do. Limiting to Romania, I made a personal selection, allow me to present it.
The Watch and clock  museum from Ploiesti is unique in Romania

A Museum of clocks and watches became one of the landmarks of the city Ploiesti. A clock, or watch, measures something doesn't exist for real, we can't feel with our senses. Similar museums are only a few in the all world, and its exhibited artifacts are very precious. His grounder Nicolae Simache, has been for decades the Director of the Ploiesti History Museum. An attraction to watches or clocks, a strong special one, hit me, and probably even you (no offence, please). Professor Simache was very special, and succeeded to follow his weird collecting mania, but we didn't!
The Railway Museum is interesting, educative,  and the guides fabulous!

Another museum I love is in the Capital Bucharest, next to its central railway station (Gara de Nord) and you can figure already what is all about. I am trying to tell you about The Railway Museum. You can see there magnificent steam locomotives, which are indeed spectacular ready to go, just in case, after almost 160 years of history. Very spectacular, epic and encyclopedic are the museum guides and curators, telling you unbelievable stories about there exhibited artifacts. Still wonder what was true in all of them, but I really enjoyed it!
The Pharmacy museum in Sibiu is actually a department of Bruckental museum

You can find in Romania even a Pharmacy museum, actually a department of the notorious Bruckental Museum from Sibiu/Hermannstadt. It is opened in a special chosen location, a better one is simply impossible: the oldest drugstore on the territory of today Romania, opened in 1644. If you are a history freak, and you are a little sick of conventional History museums, dotted all around Romania, in every city being a district residence, this pharmacy Museum (actually a a Museum of the History of Pharmaceutics in Romania) could be the right thing for you.

A very slow, yet unsignificant museum, but maybe the most attractive, is the Amber Museum, opened in Colti/District Buzau. The amber has been exploited here up to 1945, and you can see many strange forms to your delight. If you are lucky enough, you still can find by the locals wonderful pieces of amber, which they are still able to collect in secret places. My tip: if the museum is closed, search the key to the mayor, please!

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