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Iconic landscapes in the Romanian Carpathians

Leaving Piatra Neamt towards Transilvania offers the good possibility to drive on the Highway 12 C, to Gheorheni, and further to Sighisoara or Brasov. Thus you go through an important Romanian National Park, called The Hasmas Nature Reserve, based on the neighboring mountains, also called the Hasmas Mountains.

It is not an easy way, if you reckon riding the bikes along, but also not impossible. Neither by car is not much easier, on certain parts of the way the street is very narrow, causing very often traffic jams. But the beauty of the landscape in The Bicaz Gorges / Cheile Bicazului makes you surely to forget any unpleasant things, as they are simply fantastic!
The impressive Bicaz Gorges,or  Bicaz canyon

I think the Americans would name it Bicaz Canyon. Call it anything you want, it is amazing and iconic. A small river, namely Bicaz, dug in the soft lime rocks one of the most impressive gorges in Romania. You are going to love these gorges from the first sight for sure. There are good possibilities to climb the mountains all around, watching the highway from the top of the rocks is simply breathtaking, but only recommended and permitted to skilled tourists. The beginners have other many possibilities.
Even in the mountains you  can find bargains and good shopping possibilities

A good idea to discover and conquer the Hasmas mountains is lodging in Lacu Rosu/Red Lake,  a resort on your way, with many hotels and cabins. A main attraction of the Red Lake is even the lake, born through a land slide in the XIXth century. The water is very cold, and deep, also full of trees trunks!  Also, not the best conditions for swimming, but you can take a boat. On the terraces you can enjoy afterwards a glass of beer or wine, and you can make shopping, there are many craftsmen in the area exhibiting their works.There is a wonderful legend about forming of Red Lake/Lacul Rosu. according this legend, a young beautiful girl has been kidnapped and raped by a local outlaw. She, very ashamed, has been crying for 1 day long, and implored the mounting, who finally accepted to let the rocks fall onto the bandit. That's why the falled mountain is called The Killer! Its colour is really reddish, due to the iron oxydes and the red rocks mirroring in the lake!If you are a mathematics or statistics freaks, note some numbers: altitude 983 meters, surface 13 hectars/26 acres, maximum depth 12,5 meters; extent 3 km, length 3 km, and a total volume of 680000 cubic meters. From the lake starts its journey the river Bicaz, but other  small rivers are tributary to the lake. The have been dammed, in order to prevent the lake from collecting mood, which could destroy it. You can fish in the lake, as any other visitor is entitled to do it. You can catch trouts, up to 1,5 kg, and you must notice the two distinct species: the lake trout has black point, while the river trout coming from the tributary rivers has red points.
The little but persistent Bicaz River starts its journey in the Red Lake/Lacul Rosu,  born through  a landslide. Nevertheless, there is a wonderful legend about it!

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