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Most amazing palaces in Bucharest

Bucharest is an amazing overwhelming city, and has the huge advantage to have an excellent position between East and West. The strong trade always drove the city in the right way, and its supremacy against other important cities of Romania is obvious.

You can guess in Bucharest behind the civilized western buildings a strong vibration, coming from the opposite direction of the East full of myths, stories and unbelievable legends. But you need some training to feel this vibration, it is not easy, and totally impossible from the first sight!

Besides its old churches, its legendary fountains or its parks, the secret spirit of Bucharest still lives through its wonderful castles and palaces. There is no a clear regulation or systematization, these buildings are still in public use, many of them, after successive restaurations, and they could emerge in the middle of otherwise totally boring and insignificant streets.
The Justice palace strives to remain official

On Dambovita River, not far from the controversial Parliament Palace ( also knew as People House, or Ceausescu house) meat the nice Justice palace, a temple of the right things. It has been build in a record time, 5  years long ( please don't smile, between 1890 and 1895) according project of French architect Ballu, who build other famous Justice palaces in Paris and Brussels. The sculptures giving the building charm and refinement have been carved by an important Romanian artist, Carol Storck, and represent The Justice, The Law, The True, The Force and The Caution. The Architecture Style is New Renaissance, and the Room of lost steps covers a quarter of the building.
The ruins of the Old Royal Court can be visited in the very center of the modern Romanian capital

Very close, one of the oldest buildings of Bucharest, nowadays only ruins where you can visit a small museum, namely the Old Royal Court, where many ruling princes, e.g. Dracula, had their residence. Observe carefully the poor furniture, and imagine that they haven't smart phones or Internet, specially if you are computer addicted and need detox!

Next to The Old Royal Court, a very picturesque Inn, The Manuc's Inn, dating from a totally different period, the begin of the XIXth century. It is still one of the best restaurants in Bucharest, but the hotel is a
little obsolete. Manuc bey was a Turk and his grounder. The Manuc's Inn saw and hosted many important historical events, e.g The Peace talks and Treaty between Turkey and Russia from 1812. Make again the above mentioned fantastic effort of imagination, and figure out where were the horses, the camels or the best rooms.
The picturescque Manuc's Inn hosted  important crucial moments of the Romanian history

Only a few steps further a sort of mall from the XIXth century, Hanul cu Tei/ The linden Inn. Observe the wide inside court (patio), very similar to Manuc's  Inn. In the Linden Inn you have unique possibilities to buy hand made objects, all the former city guilds still have representatives here! Which doesn't happens very often in a city like Bucharest!

My tip: visit all these palaces and Inns during a Bucharest Architectural Tour, as they all are located in the Old town, inside a small circle, and you can see them all easily by walking or riding bikes.

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