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Epic palaces in Bucharest with myths an legends

As I love Bucharest so much, can give you a reliable tip: there are actually two or more cities of Bucharest, and you can observe all these layers entering the big city from any directions, but specially from Ploiesti and Brasov.

Watch first carefully the modern buildings, car repairing workshops, wonderful villas with modern amenities, this is the first level, the most recent one. It is followed by industrial factories from the Ceausescu's communist times, with their sad blocks of flats, really living siloses, whose inhabitants dream desperately to live definitively (only 10 % succeed!). The last layer consists of official or private buildings, build up to 1940, in very different Architecture styles, to the delight of any visitor. The resulting eclectic mix is the mainly reason to love Bucharest from the first sight, for any locals or visitors. Here is the heart and the head of the city indeed!
The CEC Palace at night, but it is no less impressive in daylight

Interior of the renowned CEC Palace. To visit it inside you must pretend to be a bank client!

In Downtown Bucharest the buildings are very different not only regarding the style, but also concerning the intrinsic value! The Parliament Palace is very new, huge and controversial; because of it an important part of the historic Bucharest has been sacrificed. Moving and destroying a few churches from this huge area triggered the curses which will kill Ceausescu ( popular myth!). Only a few steps away, crossing the dambovita river over the Izvor Bridge find, please, and observe the downtown, on Calea Victoriei. Next to it, on Stavropoleos street, an important target which you are not going to miss. Simply not allowed to waste the opportunity to visit Caru cu bere/The beer wagon, even for me, which I am normally a wine drinker and afficionado.

Caru cu Bere remains even today one of the Bucharest's best restaurants. Build at 1876 by a German architect (you could guess, I am sure) in New Gothic style, keeps inside the same obsolete atmosphere, and looks simply like a German brauerei from Bavaria e.g. It is overcrowded at any hour when is opened, due to the excellent kitchen and wonderful services. Don't be scared please by the noble local, it is still possible eating in Caru cu bere on a budget! At noon, e.g., there are easy to find some special offers, e.g. The Student menu, or the Senior menu, which are very cheap. Don't dare ordering any of them, you will be probably asked to show a document proofing one of these qualities!
This is maybe the best location for the Romanian National History Museum!

Back in Calea Victoriei, with a full stomach and a wonderful feeling, just to visit shorter or longer two other important palaces, real landmarks of Bucharest. First of it, the magnificent palace of Deposits and Economy bank/ CEC Palace, build at 1900 on a project from french Architect Gottereau, on the very place where an iconic church of the city was lieing. It has a fantastic eclectic style, fancy interiors with smart decorations. For visiting inside, is very difficult for big organized groups, but easier for individual, pretending to be the bank clients!

Just opposite to the CEC bank, a former residence of Post Administration hosts nowadays The national History Museum, build at 1894-1900 by the Romanian architect Savulescu on the ground of an important family of Romanian landlords, namely Balaceanu. Inside fantastic artifacts tighten with the rich history of the country would welcome you, it is worth a visit from you: fragments of the Roman Traian's Column, and the world renowned gold collection "The brood hen with its chicken"

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