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Most epic markets and monuments in Bucharest

Bucharest is a city with a strong personality, acquired during its long history. Once named The Little Paris, as the elites and aristocracy have been educated in France, its iconic downtown reminds in many places of this first love of the Romanians.

Walking, riding or driving on the iconic Boulevard Regina Elisabeta and observing its amazing old houses, you feel already in a strange atmosphere fin de siecle. In the square C.A.Rosetti, former prominent Romanian politician, it is a monument dedicated to the master, creation of the German architect W.C. Hegel. The statue is a masterpiece itself, showing a big artistic intrinsic value. All the traces of his face are perfectly designed and engraved, and the honored wears a fancy suit (for that time) and trench coat over it. The bas-reliefs on the statue show the crucial moments of the Romanian history where he was present and took part   very actively (the Unification from 1859 and the Declaration of Independence in 1877).
Monument of C.A Rosetti, prominent Romanian politician of the XIXth century

Not far from  it, one of the strangest building and museum of Bucharest: The Fire Tower/Foisorul de Foc. Nevertheless, remember that during the Middle age the houses of Bucharest where mostly build on wood, and the city falled more times victim to devastating fires. Nowadays, the building can seem weird and useless, but has a big emotional value. You can visit inside the special Museum of Firemen, with interesting data and tools.
The square  Pache Protopopescu and the controversial fountain

Observe in the area the Boulevard Pache Protopescu, a residential area. Pache Protopescu was the mayor of the city, which used to have a statue in the square Pache Protopescu. Unfortunately, the statue disappeared, but you can see a nice fountain instead. many people would love having back the statue of the former Mayor, destroyed by the communists when they took over in 1948.

Now please turn around and direct towards Piata Romana, or the Roman Square, a good name to underline the Roman origin and sympathies of the Romanian people. France has been looked for long time as the older  Latin sister, and you will notice for sure many similarities its rich culture. In the Roman Square observe the statue the Capitol Wolf, o copy of the original one located in Rome.
The original of Lupa capitolina is in Rome. The Bucharest's Lupa Capitolina  is one of the most nomadic city statues, and changed its location many times. Meanwhile is already removed from Piata Romana.

Observe now carefully the square, and on one of its sides The  Economy High School, a nice old building, with an ornamental ball on it. There is a wonderful underground legend about, and I wonder if is convenient or corect unvealing it to you, but we are grown up, I hope, and it is not such a bad history. According this myth, when the first student girl shall finish the High School as a virgin, the ball will fall down. 80 years after the inauguration of the building the ball is still sitting there!

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