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Best destinations for singles in Romania on Valentine's day

As the Valentine's day is approaching fast, very fast, I am sure that all of you being in a relationship, marriage etc made all the preparations needed to spend it in the most romantic way with your favorite one. Romania is of course a good option, as I recommended it more times.

For the others,which are not so happy this time, the Valentine's day could come with some unpleasant feelings like frustration, loneliness, unhappiness, depression. In fact, you must not make it so dramatic, maybe it is better so for you this time. There are some cures against this depression, which could be worse and worse. One of it is working like a crazy, more and more, like a real workaholic, but it shows the results only on short time. You must make peace with yourself and stop blaming for any real or imagined bad things. A sort of yoga, if you understand what I mean. And you can do that even while traveling, makes all easier and smoother!

As a conclusion, you need a non Valentine's Day destination! And I have a selection of such destinations in Romania, where else!

1. Skiing and practicing other winter sports is a good idea, one of the best possible. Try it in Romania in Poiana Brasov, which is huge, overcrowded and charming. Drink from time to time a glass of boiled wine on the slope, but you may not exaggerate. Getting drunk doesn't help at all, but on the contrary, causes even deeper depressions! You might hate such overcrowded places like Poiana Brasov , I agree, and allow me to remember about other ski destinations in Romania. Anyway, you may not hate people and run away from them, on the contrary. Romanians are good and lovely, anytime prepared for helping someone.
Wine tasting somewhere in Romania will help you leaving behind all the  bad feelings

2. Go on wine tasting in Romania. Is a wonderful opportunity to share the joy of life. Be careful not to get drunk, spit the wine, is a basic rule of wine tasting. I think in winter the best destinations for wine tastings are Cotnari and Focsani. Be careful and inform yourself prior of your take off, due to massive snow falls not all the destinations in Romania are easy reachable. Maybe Murfatlar is then your pocket ace, as it lies south and there does not fall so much snow. Anyway, will be probably impossible to book a full Romania Wine Tour, unfortunately.
A  Romanian city break might be thing you need, if you organize it right, as a Non Valentine destination

3.As you need to kill your spleen only a few days, consider a city break in Romania, but avoid clubbing, I think to be the worst thing for you (or maybe on the contrary, you can find your night stand putting on your feet again). I can recommend Bucharest, Constanta, Sibiu and Cluj Napoca, as they have own airports and a lot of things to do and to see. And least, but not lasts, Timisoara and Oradea. If the weather will be better and the streets accessible, you can reach other Romanian cities and towns, anyone could say  something to you, you must only be prepared to hear it.
Going to the countryside is an excellent brillant idea, but not in this season

4.Going to the countryside might be an excellent idea, but the above mentioned observation applies again. There is the danger not to reach your destination, or being forced to remain there a few days longer than you have been planning. Bucovina is a good idea for that.

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