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Best Romanian Champagne and champagne based cocktails

If you are in Romania, a wine land after all, you are supposed to drink the Romanian wines, and I have been trying to convince you about their qualities since one year online and offline. There are for sure between the many Romanian wines something special for the ladies, younger or older. Nevertheless, the ladies don't give happy so easily, they need sparkling wines, they need Champagne.

You can find in Romania exquisite local sparkling wines, also known as Champagne. There are many legends  about champagne, one of them is simply fantastic: the french king Louis XIVth and his favorite glassware designer set the wonderful form of the Champagne cup based on the perfect breast of the fascinating Marie Antoinette.
The small town of panciu, also known as the town among the  vineyards

A good Romanian Champagne is Zarea, but a much better one is Panciu. Panciu lies 25 km away fro, Focsani, not far from Odobesti, on the Wine road as described before. The company Veritas lead by Mr Adrian Toma is a big wine producer, but also an important Champagne producer. Despite the huge marketing difficulties, which forced them to reduce production, they are still on the market. You can take part there to a wine tasting, while your beloved half can take part to a Champagne tasting (three sorts available). Believe me, it is better not to interfere during these very pleasant moments. Besides, it is the best possible foreplay! You can prove by yourself, and your wife will also be able to confirm, the Champagne from Panciu is better than Zarea, but very difficult to get in Romania. It is practically not to find in any supermarket, as the production is not big enough to cover the growing demand. Once there in Panciu, please use the opportunity to take more bottles with you, making your wife very happy!
general manager of veritas Panciu, Mr Adrian Toma, working in the caves of Stephen the Great

The General Manager Adrian Toma allows the bottles of Champagne to maturate one year long in the historic caves of Stefan cel Mare/ Stephen the Great. They do a good job there, let youself convince, don't need to believe me! The same Adrian Toma gave me a pic, remembering a legendary Champagne based cocktail, called Air Mail. When this cocktail was created at 1949 the Air mail was the fastest and safest way to send your letters; in the same way this excellent combination will tranfer you in another Universe. Nowadays we could name it rather email!

But, in order to be shortly and get the to the point, in the same way this cocktail does, take please 150 ml Brut Champagne; 60 ml golden rum; 1 spoon honey and 15 ml lime juice. Mix first in the shaker a few ice cubes, the lime juice, the rum and the honey. Pour this mix in a Collins glass, and don't dare to filtrate. Complete with the Champagne, and enjoy.

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