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The best Romanian destinations for the Spring 2013

What is in and what is out in Romania this year? What is on the beaten path and what off? The travel business and environment is very changing and versatile, but I hope to be able making the best recommendations.

Many of these recommendations are based on my experience from 2012 and before, you have the opportunity to take a profit on it, and you are pleased not to miss it. I won't list priced tours at the moment, it shall come  sooner or later, according your specific interests.

1. Urban life in Romania. Even if nowadays only one half  the Romanian population  lives in towns and cities, you can find here wonderful settlements, older or newer. Discover in Bucharest its old downtown with its fantastic entertainment, but don't neglect the cultural life with amazing museums. Please note that Bucharest has been known as the little Paris, and one  lost tradition was the Battle flower on the main avenue. It was very romantic, could be maybe the best idea for Valentine's day. Besides, you are going to have the unique opportunity to visit within this 7 days tour other important Romanian cities like Iassy, Constanta, Craiova,Timisoara, Oradea, Cluj Napoca. My secret insider tip would be to compare all these cities, paying attention to the foreign influences exerted on them!
Casa Bazna is a good place to discover the fortified churches of Transilvania  on a budget, but at excellent quality standards. And is recommended by Karpaten, one of the best travel agencies in the today Romania.

2.Rural life in Romania. The other half of the Romanian population lives to the countryside. It is much more genuine, and the society is clean, unspoiled, yet the people very honest and hard working. The meals taste totally different comparing with what you eat regularly at home, or even in the best Romanian hotels and restaurants. During one unbelievable week we are going to visit amazing Romanian regions like Maramures or Bucovina, Vrancea and Rucar. I will strive personally to stay to the people, and by the people, these cultural exchanges are the most important things for a traveler in my opinion.
You can find in Romania not exclusively orthodox churches and monasteries!

3. Natural life in Romania. We still have a huge potential on this side. Remember Danube Delta, mountains hiking, hunting and fishing. Fantastic possibilities to enjoy life under all its forms. We will hide deep in the nature, escaping the modern civilizations, with a complete detoxification of Internet addiction. If you are a photography freak, this week could be your good one, I can promise fantastic shots, but you can make from this unforgettable trip also a romantic one, maybe for your engagement or honeymoon. I still have some other ideas!
Wine tasting is a normal event during any Romania trip, I won't forget and neglect!

4. Winter sports in Romania are still on, maybe another month. Within 2 weeks will take place in Poiana Brasov an important youth sports  festival, almost comparable to a Winter Olympic Games. But I discovered  since a few weeks another excellent location in Predeal. The snow was perfect, and my hotel, namely Piemonte, a top one, with an excellent report quality/price.
Biertan, in the middle of transilvania, is the best kept fortified church from the  Medium Age.

5.Historic Romania. Discover first, or rediscover, the Romanian orthodoxe churches and monasteries from Bucovina, Oltenia or around Bucharest. And I suggest to try to see also the fortified churches from Transilvania, around Sighisoara and Medias. With the necessary lodging in Hotel Binder Bubi in Sighisoara, with an important mention by the way: if on a budget, stay to Casa Bazna in the village Bazna.

Need your positions and comments about, I can't wait for them!

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