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Fantastic places in Buzau and around

The city of Buzau counts even in the Romanian consciousness rather as an industrial city, than a touristic or cultural one. Which is not fair at all, and I am going to prove it!

Only 100 km away from Bucharest, Buzau is one of the oldest Romanian cities, with many significant trade privileges dating from centuries ago. The first name of the city and the river, you really can't separate them, was Mousaios, as it appears in official documents from the IVth century, kept in the Vatican archive. One of the most interesting story about Buzau is tighten to "The hen with golden chickens", which is an impressive gold thesaurus lieing today in the Romanian National History Museum from Bucharest. It was discovered during ordinary digging works on the hill Istrita by Buzau, when the people was searching stones for building the Orthodox Seminary. The discoverers did not notice its huge value, it is the richest thesaurus found before Tutankhamon's one! Consequently, according to a local legend, one of the discoverer asked the blacksmith to fix a gate hinge with the help of a small piece from the Thesaurus. The people first hide all the pieces, fearing the authorities, courses etc., but sell the treasure to a local entrepreneur, who sells it to a Bucharest jeweler. Very soon the authorities became aware about the huge value of the treasure, and take measures against all  the involved persons, who die shortly afterwards. The Thesaurus have been more times restored and copied; nowadays the original is in the Bucharest Museum above mentioned, and one of the copies in the local History Museum. When German troops invaded and conquered Romania in WWI the original, together with other valuable pieces, has been evacuated in Moscow, and this one is among the few pieces coming back.
The original thesaurus from Pietroasa/Buzau in the Romanian national History Museum

The oldest house of the city, called Vergu-Manaila, is nowadays an Ethographic Museum, and constitutes one of the most important things to see in Buzau. Another one is the Mayor's Palace, a charming building, older than 100 years, still in use, whose exquisite architecture is to observe, notice and wonder.

Now you may to leave Buzau towards Brasov, through the mountains, but you don't need to hurry up. One of the most important things to observe during this trip, its mainly highlight, are the people living in all the villages on the way. Traditional and genuine, they are very friendly and welcoming, and is very easy setting contact with them. You can use every little opportunity for that, and you won't be disappointed. They are wise, know many things, and share them gladly with you! Besides, the fantastic landscapes you will meet. First, observe the huge, neverending Romanian plain, turning soon to hills or even mountains. On the way the most important thing to see is the Siriu Dam and lake. It is really huge and spectacular, and almost natural ( at least the locals name it like that). Actually, there is no a huge concrete dam, as you could expect and find in other places in Romania. The dam consists on rocks, put on a former hill, making it bigger and higher. All the construction looks pretty discrete, a small hill stopping the river. There are many pensions in the area, you can hike and climb these mountains for days and weeks, enjoying the unspoiled nature. While you travel, be very careful in summer about rocks fall after heavy rains!

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