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Seeing Romania on a budget

If you want to visit Romania, but you can't afford see it in style, there is no problem. I am still very happy for that, and I am going to help you with all what I can, e.g. insider tips for finding the best destinations in Romania on a budget.

Romania is anyway normally not at all a very expensive destination. Who really wants to see it style, congrats, there are some exquisite  places with luxury hotels and restaurants. But you can go also backpacking in Romania, mixing with the locals and staying on a tiny budget. My first tip: sparing by meals is very easy in Romania, and you have got two possibilities doing that. First one: almost all the restaurants have an unbeatable offer, called Meniul zilei (Today's special) costing 4,5 Euros and containing 3 courses! The other possibility is buying vegetables from the locals markets, exactly like the happy Romanians! Not only that you are going to spare a lot of money, with respect to the tiny budget you have, but you will probably rediscover the incredible genuine flavor of the vegetables.
A typical cheap pension in Romania, offering human contacts and cheap  excellent food.

And be sure to find a lot of best  wine in bulk, at prices of around 2 Euros for the best sorts. You will surely draw the conclusion of affording to stay longer even with your low budget! And the people here are fantastic friendly and ready to give you a hand in every situation. If you tell them about your Romanian ancestors or about the fantastic feeling this wonderful land is awakening in you they will be very happy, and will surely invite you to the dinner. Hereby you won a friend for the rest of your life.

You can stay on a budget even in the exquisite expensive Bucharest. Don't need to stay to the Intercontinental Hotel **** in the very center( which is ugly and artificial, btw), you can choice Hotel Cismigiu ** and enjoy better the life and the present minute.
Hotel Cismigiu in Bucharest is a cheap extremely satisfying  alternative to a fancy hotel, but you can better enjoy the life 

In the rest of the country you can find everywhere cheap pensions, which are not very hard to find. They offer also cheap but excellent meals (e.g. Meniul zilei!). Better than that could only be staying by a local, who has invited you, as he enjoys your presence, or hires his extra rooms, as the pupils have left home (working and living probably somewhere in the wide world). My advice: ask about the price, to avoid any unpleasant surprise, and don't pay more than 20 Euros per night!

Backpacking in Romania is really an event, offering you the perfect opportunity to stay fit and see some of the savagest landscapes in Europe. Backpacking in Romania also allows you visit the most remote mountain cabins. After a few hours of climbing mountains no one will notice the lack of comfort, but only warmly appreciate the soft mattress from the common dormitories. And if the running water doesn't work perfectly, you have the creek outside. The view and landscape will perfectly compensate any efforts. I reckon to recommend now The Fagaras Mountains, the highest in Romania. Search there the cabins Balea Lac or Balea Cascada, climb our national symbols Moldoveanu and Negoiu, relax and enjoy. Observe the fantastic view on the Transfagarasan Road, which is really spectacular, one of the world's best.
Cabana Balea Lac in the spectacular Fagaras mountains, next to the Transfagarasan road

I gave you a few suggestions, let me know about your opinions about it, and tell me if I shall be more specific about programs and prices. But remember the important thing: it is very easy to visit Romania on a budget. Anyone can and shall afford it, and in some directions you can do it with style! I stay to your disposal for further detailed matters.

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