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24 hours in Iasi in style

Even if you are on a time pressure, but you really want to see the city of Iasi I can congratulate you. It is a good choice for sure, and no visitor was unhappy after seeing Iasi.

First of all, there is a fantastic atmosphere in Iasi. Very spiritual and high cultural, the city has a name and a huge potential in this direction. Almost all prominent Romanian writers and poets started their careers in Iasi, and then moved out in Bucharest, which offer more  and better possibilities. Mihai Eminescu, the most important Romanian poet, is just one of them. He has a statue in the awesome Copou park, in a place when he used to come, seeking inspiration among his favorite linden trees.
Grand Hotel Traian from Iasi is a landmark of city's fantastic flamboyant style

Iasi has style, no doubt. You can observe, smell and taste it in Hotel Restaurant  Traian, city's best and oldest, still showing an excellent style. The building is 150 years old, with steel reinforcements, and the wonderful design belongs to the renowned Gustave Eiffel. Entering the hotel you can feel the old atmosphere. Having a lunch or dinner in this hotel turns in an unforgettable event. They will spoil you totally, starting with the excellent service and exquisite cuisine, so that you will prolong your stay in this wonderful city (if you can do that, everybody will be very happy, and will deeply appreciate your choice and efforts.) These Moldavians (inhabitants of this part of Romania) have a natural born sense of friendship and hospitality.
Please discover the unique style of iasi even in the poor house of Ion Creanga, a prominent Romanian writer 

The style of Iasi is unique, yet fantastic, and you can feel it even while walking in the downtown. You can go shopping in one of the many city's mall, which are amazing empty, lacking on clients. Even if the city of Iasi is experiencing tough times, due to dissolution of the local industry, is still proud, very proud, as a former Capital. One of the downtown mall is not very happy situated, near the Historic Palace of Culture, and seems a little artificial in this place.

The unique style you are observing in the downtown, starting with the old churches, which are mostly perfectly kept and real masterpieces.  Start your walk with the central Trei Ierarhi (Three Saints), build by the Romanian ruling Prince Vasile Lupu, aiming to set a church of the churches, with very rich paintings and golden ornaments. Restored by French architect Lecomte de Nouy between 1881 and 1904 is proudly facing  its future.
Before the Holocaust Iasi has been populated by a strong Jewish minority, whose spurs are still to discover, e.g in this Synagogue

From the city's 240 000 inhabitants one quarter are students and during their vacations the city is strangely deserted, and the pubs empty. It is much more attractive visiting the city during a scholar period. Observe the young beautiful girls and the parks full of pairs of lovers, it is a part of this incredible charming city.

Further, you can still feel the style of Iasi even when visiting its poorest corners, e.g. the poor house of Ion Creanga, an important Romanian writer, contemporary with Mihai Eminescu, who visited him regularly in this house. Pay attention not only to the poor house, but also to the creative, spiritual atmosphere who inspired the both writers by the middle of XIXth century.

Iasi is still a Romanian cultural Capital, and has an amazing style you can still feel and observe even during a short stay!

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