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Wonderful Spring traditions in Romania

What I really love in Romania most are the well kept traditions. They give me, and not only me,  the strength to keep on in this wonderful land.

The half of the Romanian population still lives in villages, still ruling a traditional way of life. Nowadays, after a harsh winter, the spring is calling its  coming finally. And is for sure a triumphant one! The people wish each other to have a wonderful spring, and they are all full of love an joy of life. At many of the local rural festival, the best farmer of the village is being asked to cut the first plough, thus causing another reason for celebration. The elder try to guess how rich will be the year, and they always report that the year is going to be a good one!

In some corners of my country the people are dancing with masks, in order to banish the bad spirits. Their suits are really fantastic, and 2000 years old. Almost all the people are orthodox (90 %) attending the church every Sunday. They also start the general spring cleaning inside the house and outside, in the garden. The lazy people are subject of jokes. Also on Sunday, after attending the church service, the people go traditionally in the local pub dancing the traditional round (hora), which is a good reason for the youngsters to fall, as the spring is really charming and irresistible. Young girls put under their pillow special plants with strong magical properties, helping them doing the right choice and the best approach. Near the well renowned Valentine's Day, there is a celebration dedicated to the local Dragobete. a legendary handsome young man, a sort of Cupid!
Very soon in Romania the winter shall leave, and there are many fantasctic traditions with this occasion

Some of the village seniors did not reach the spring, they are dead during the winter. The funerals in Romania  are also particular for any visitor observing it, and much more touching and human. Namely, the dead rests three days in an opened coffin, so that family and friends can tell the well deserved farewell. During nights the  closest relatives may not leave him alone. Only on burial the cofin is being sealed with the lid, and the family invites the guests to a ritual meal, and makes charity for the poor. The family must prey for 40 days, and only after this period the saw will finally leave the dead body. The wine plays an important role during the church service and during the meal. The people are not supposed to say cheers, but must drop some straws on the floor for the deceased to enjoy.
If you meet by chance in Romania a wedding ceremony, be sure to be invited becoming a part of it. It could be the event of your life.

Wedding in Romania are really interesting. If you meet one, be sure to be invited there. You are ought to eat and to drink, tough luck! Enjoy a Romanian wedding in one of the remote rural regions where the traditions are still alive, like Maramures, Bucovina, Sibiu e.g.

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