luni, 18 februarie 2013

Most important event in Romania: European  Youth Olympic Winter Festival EYOWF

If you would like to visit Romania, but always find a reason to postpone booking, hesitate or whatsoever, I can give you another serious reason to take the big decision.

Nowadays is taking place in Romania a major winter sports event of this year, namely The International Olympic Youth Festival. It is going to be a brilliant success, judging the flamboyant start from Saturday. As the event is very important, the president of International Olympic Commitee (IOC), Mr Jacques Rogge was present in person to the inauguration, and declared to have found an excellent developed infrastructure.
This is the picturesque Romanian city of Brasov, hosting the EYOWF Festival right now. You can still join the gang.

The Festival is taking place in Poiana Brasov and nearby, there is a lot of snow and the people are all very happy. An Olympic fire is permanently burning in Brasov. Mr Rogge would be delighted if Romania wins a medal, and meanwhile this thing has been already accomplished.

There have been rumors for decades in Romania in many circle to organize the Olympic Games. O,K, for the Summer Games Romania doesn't qualify, but for the Winter Olympic games is perfectly fit. This Olympic Festival is the perfect test and general repetition for the aspiration to organize The Winter Olympic games. At this moment all the hotels in Poiana Brasov are completely booked, and also on a 100 km radius. But if you still want to book and take part to this unique event, I can give some tip and help finding the best solution.
Poiana Brasov/Schulerau and its many slopes are hosting the most of the Festival. 

Once there, don't waste time, please. Besides the normal time on the slope for the sport freaks, you have so many things to do. Visit Brasov, Bucharest, or Sibiu, visit Dracula castle in Bran, or make a few of the recommended tours. Go shopping, go partying, there are so many things to do in Brasov. You are going to love the fantastic animation caused by the Festival, which you can observe in all bars and restaurants from Brasov. The city is once again charming and appealing and turned to a Babilon Tower. Unfortunately, a few restaurants ran out of wine, but will renew the strategic resources. The Festival has attracted many sportsmen and spectators showing to be a success. Prominent Romanian singer Inna sung in the first night of the event and everybody forgot the freezing temperature as any other trouble.

If you are a winter sport freak and fond of events, please join the tribe. If you are not in the mood for overcrowded places, wait two weeks, until the Festival is coming to an end, and the prices fall down.

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