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Falling in love in Romania

Romania Travel Guide for Lovers

So, you are in love (first time, or again, or finally etc, there is no matter!). Or it just happened during your Romanian trip, and you are supposed now to reconsider all your trip, choosing a new configuration.
Go deep inside the Danube Delta, in the land of nowhere, where you can't find other human beings

First choice: keep it secret with your beloved one, or show and share with the others. Anyway, it is not a sin at all, but only a mean to better integer the world and the universe. Anyway, remember that love is not at all exclusively fornication (excepting maybe the one night stands), but has also a deep spiritual side. It is karma, it is Yin and Yang, it is a subtle holly union. Speak a lot to your beloved one, hold his/her hand, kiss and cores. It gives you such an unbelievable power.
The Ciuperca Sea in Tulcea is a good place for swimming at night

Best choice to start or strengthen a relationship while in Romania is not at all a big city like Bucharest, but a small town like Tulcea, the turning plate to Danube Delta. Make a trip deep inside the Delta, feel the miracle to be in love ( it is really divine and holly this union between man and women). The best thing would be hiring a paddle boat or kayak, and going somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Hear the water, feel the Earth energy and Prana, the cosmic energy. Make love there, like you were the only living creature on Earth, but come back in harbor of Tulcea.
The Restaurant Republica from Tulcea is a former war ship with big  wheels

The shore of the Danube in Tulcea at night is very nice and romantic, even sexy I would say. You can bath at night in the Ciuperca sea (no bathing suits, of course!), coming back on the shore and looking for a ship restaurant. I found, checked and recommend the Restaurant Republica, a former war ship with wheels, as seen on Mississippi River. You can even find a museum on board, opened until 18 hours. But you are not interested in museums, churches etc but only in the wonderful human being besides you!

You can eat there a good meal, but you can also take only some drinks. I suggest as a wonderful foreplay and prelude a Mojito for the lady, and a glass of Red wine for him (Cabernet Sauvignon, if possible). Check please, this lethal combination makes really wonders. Don't dare to think what comes after, in one of the leading Tulcea Hotels (e.g. the friendly Europolis *** or the exquisite Delta ****).
Varna at night is very spectacular and romantic, don't miss it

You can stay here in Tulcea for days, weeks and years with your beloved one billing and coo, but maybe you want change the landscape, go on the coast. In Romania I would recommend Mamaia, Constanta and Vama Veche, but the neighboring Bulgaria is also very attractive. Check the good friendly Erma Hotel from Golden Sands, if you can get a free room! From Golden Sands go to Varna at night, enjoying a wonderful seasight in one of the many beach restaurants. Simply unbelievable and unforgettable! If you still can, stand up early, at 5, bathing in the sea while the sun sets! It is really beyond words the huge harmony you feel doing this.

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