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Romania for Nature freaks

Romania Travel Guide for Nature freaks

If you are a nature freak, you might find in Romania a few interesting areas and landscapes.
Fantastic road in the Fagaras Mountains

Even if you are not a big fan of the wet lands, Danube Delta is a must. It is the big winner of the strong  rains falled this year throughout Europe. Also UNESCO appreciated as a part of the world heritage, is really spectacular. But please, as a nature freak, don't take part to the organized cruise ships turning Danube Delta to mass tourism and ruining it. Discover Delta on your own, from a fishermen village in its middle, which you can reach by a line ship. Observe the locals already on the deck, they are amazing. Will seem to be not very friendly, but a bottle of alcohol will save everything. Observe carefully the environment, there are some problems for sure, and first of all this plague of the plastic bottles (PET), turning to the worse threatening and provocation in the all Romania. It is really an issue.
Try to discover the pelicans in Romania without disturbing them at all

Once there in the middle of nowhere, go in a canoe or kaiak discovering further the secrets of the Danube Delta. Go bird watching, there are a few protected areas, trying not to disturb the pelicans, as other sensitive birds. Go fishing, and ask the fishermen about their prey. There are for sure a few endangered species, mainly the sturgeons. Nevertheless, The Danube Delta is a trip worth. If you aren't a nature freak, can take a cruise ship, and I suggest to use Karpaten, it is the most serious and has largely contributed to environment protection.
Fishing in the Danube Delta

If you are a montagnard, or even a climber, The Romanian Carpathians will offer you many magnificent places and unforgettable landscapes. You can start with the Romania's highest mountains, Fagaras. Discover them from Sibiu or Ramnicu Valcea. They are not very high or impressive for you, with their 2500 meters, but really spectacular in some places, e.g The Lake Balea or the Waterfalls Balea. Very close to them there is a cabin for the convenient discovery.
St. Ana lake is the only volcanic lake in the Romanian mountains

Also very interesting to discover are the Retezat Mountains, a protected area and a national park. Please notice there the strange extincted animals and plants, as the fantastic glacial sees. Don't dare to bath in them, unless you are not a skilled swimmer: they are deep and cold! Close to them, and similar from many points of vue, the Parang Mountains. Observe everywhere the plastic pets, it is a national obsession and dilemma!
Man made or natural erosion? Totally strange limestone rocks in the Romanian Carpathians

In many places of the Carpathians small, but hardworking  rivers managed to digg impressive  keys: Prahova Valley, Olt Valley etc. But the most spectacular of all is the fantastic Bicaz Gorges, near Lacu Rosu (The Red Lake; due to the ferric and ferrous oxides, its water have strong red reflexes. Walk through the gorges only one kilometer, becoming already anxious due to the high rocks overwhelming you. Really strange, yet great sensations.

And a last tip: the caves, e.g Scarisoara, or Pestera Muierii. Or even the deserted salt mines, waiting their visitors. You have a lot of work in Romania as nature freak indeed.

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