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The history of the Romanian Germans

Myths and legends about the Germans from Romania

I must confess, I like and love Germans, as the most of people in Romania also do. They have been for centuries very esteemed and beloved, being a sort of people who had major contributions to the culture and civilization in Romania.
German Made Architecture in Sibiu/Hermannstadt, still having today a German Mayor

They have been very orderly, hard working  and industrious, they build hospitals, schools, museums etc and we, the Romanians, would like to say "Danke!" /Thank you! Comparing to them, the Romanians seem to have a better sense of humor, as they are oriented to enjoying life, while the Germans are hard workers and the last to understand a joke! But nowadays this cliche does not apply anymore, my German tourists understand a joke better, deeper and more sweeping than I do myself!
The Black Church from Brasov is one of the most impressive in Romania

The Germans came to Transilvania during  the XIth century brought by the Hungarian King Geza I, who aimed to secure the boundary. For almost 1000 years they did not only defense and securing the boundaries, but also developed cities like Brasov/Kronstadt or Sibiu/Hermannstadt. They made business, they build houses in an easy to recognize style. But the history has been very ruthless to the Germans during the 20th century. After the WWII the Romanian Germans have been deported to Romania or Russia. Many of them did not come back.
Old Habsburgic Uniforms to the guards from Alba Iulia

Besides, after a catastrophic economic policy of Ceausescu, he simply bought a good part of the German experts to the Western Germany. It was a major success of the Romanian economy during the communist time! After the dissolution of the communist regime and the fall of Ceausescu, all the economy collapsed and almost all of the remaining Germans took the decision to emigrate in the reunified Germany (it was obviously the only possible option, not only the best one).
Another example of K.u.K architecture, in Suceava

But nowadays we need another Geza to bring our Germans back! The Romanian economy started to move, the country is stable, it is possible to make businesses here. Best prerequisites to come in Romania. Some of the Germans who left Romania really come back. The life is cheaper, and the environment better than in the Western Europe. The city of Sibiu still has a German Mayor, Klaus Johannis, and this is maybe the best guarantee for the returning Germans.

Myself, as a travel guide, never forget in my trips to mention all these things about the history of the Germans and their contribution to the local culture and civilization. And all the Romanians feel the same, we love our Germans. And nowadays, we call sometimes one Romanian as "The German", being the most beautiful compliment: he is the best in his area!

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