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Tips For Making Your Romanian Vacation Perfect

How to make your Romanian vacation perfect

Normally, nothing can go wrong during your Romania trip. It is such a nice land and the people are so friendly, they will set anything for you. They will invite you probably at their homes, as they have many thing to tell and show you with a natural born hospitality.
The Romanian Mountains and the Danube are highlights during your Romania Tour

Simply unbelievable are these people for sure, very normal and relaxed. They can improvise anything, they can make jokes from anything, or making big events from anything. My tip: say them sometimes "multumesc" or "mersi", is a fantastic reward to them. You really don't need to learn Romanian, most of them are cultivated and speak foreign languages. Say sometimes the magic words from above, will cause wonders. About "Salut" (Hello) or "Buna ziua" (Good afternoon) I won't insist.
The Romanians are 90 % Orthodox and you can see many splendid churches (like St. Nicholas from Brasov)

If you are on a budget, go to the market (avoiding the supermarket chains). From spring to autumn you will find a wide assortment of vegetables, which are cheap and taste totally different comparing of what you know from your country. If you love wine, you can find some good, even excellent wines, unbottled in specialized stores. My tip: search the red Cabernet Sauvignon, you will get addicted! Even better, visit a vineyard.
Romania is without doubt a wine land (here an impressive cave from Cotnari)

While on the way at lunch, never miss "The Day Offer", which you can find only in Romanian (Meniul Zilei) consisting on a medium meal with three courses for unbelievable  4 EURO!
Meniul Zilei (The day Offer) is not to miss, if you catch it

There are a few established destinations in Romania, and these are really must do and must see: Danube Delta, Black Sea coast, Bucharest, the painted churches from Bucovina, the fortified Saxon churches and towns from Transilvania. But besides, if you have time and budget, and are in the mood, you can certainly try to see Romania off the beaten path. Which is really fantastic and unbelievable, showing a strong character and an unforgettable hospitality. You can climb the mountains, discover the the rich fertile plains or visit the cities. Some of the Romanian big cities show extraordinary urban life, with culture, museums, theaters etc, e.g. Sibiu, Brasov, Oradea, Iasi, Craiova ( don't mention Bucharest here, it is something else). And I would have a special mention even for the small towns, who are very genuine indeed (e.g. Bistrita, Focsani, Tulcea, Suceava, Botosani).
Some Romanian big cities show an impressive urban life (here the City hall from Oradea)

So, dear friends, visit Romania, enjoy it and be happy. You can do on your own, or in an organized group (I suggest the check the offer of the best incoming agency, namely Karpaten!)

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