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Biking in Romania

Discovering Romania by bike

It is not easy to discover a country by bike. First of all, you must be health, fit and in a good shape. You must also know your limits, be aware of them and wishing nevertheless to outrun them. You need a good bike (hiring or buying in Romania is also a possibility). Don't mention the budget, Romania is not so expansive, but you may not forget this matter.
The Transfagarasan Road is one of the most spectacular in Romania

Other important things: your mates. Make the best choices, take a leader with a positive thinking and approach. Your mates must be good companions, reliable, team players and have the sense of humor. Otherwise your dream tour will end before starting, and you will hate your mates.
Oradea is a good gate for Romania

Third thing is the worst, the most difficult after all: the environment. I mean not the country, landscapes etc, as Romania is a wonderful land, fascinating me since years. It lacks on biking tracks, and the driver are not aware about the two wheel riders. We name in Romania the motorcycle drivers "the organ givers". But we stay to the pedal bikers, and I am warning you to be very carefully about them, as they are not carefully at all with the bikers. Respect all the applying rule, but never expect that a car driver would give you priority, even if you are entitled too! No, Sir, you are alone against the others.
The Danube at Iron Gates, next to Drobeta Turnu Severin

When knowing all the things above, and despite all risks, dangers, and hazards you want ride your bike in Romania, discovering this fantastic country, I will help you! Even being you guide, or recommending reliable companies to book through. A good one, Germany situated is Launer Reisen (Manager and Tour Leader Paul Launer) or their Romanian corresponding enterprise, the best Romanian Travel Company for incoming tourists. I am going to have an excellent Romania Tour by bus and bike in this exquisite organization, through the best Romanian landscapes and will report you more about. Our fantastic tours leads from Oradea to Constanta and Drobeta Turnu Severin and is going to start within 2 days. Really amazing for sure, will keep you informed about everything.

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