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Prices and bargains in Romania

How much should cost a glass of wine in Romania?

I am born in Romania, I am living in Romania, I have been living in Romania for decades and I am a professional travel guide here, aiming to present the real Romania to the foreign tourists.
The Romanian wines are very tasty, but may not be very expansive!

As a local, I know the best places and prices, mastering the art of good living on a budget (don't laugh, in Romania is still possible). And I am the happiest travel guide on Earth when I can spare something for my tourists.

E.g.: I am going with my tourists in the best hotels possible, and I was very angry to see how expansive is a glass of wine in Hotel Gerald's, Radauti. It was 10 Lei for sure (if you still don't know, the Romanian coin is called Leu, plural Lei and 1 EURO= 4,3 LEI). The result is not very bad for a foreign tourist used to travel at four stars hotels: 2,2 Euro for a glass of wine. But I buy a liter of the same wine (my favorite Cabernet Sauvignon) in my town of Focsani with 10 LEI again. Seems to me so unfair!
Happy german Tourists in Romania, on a Danube Delta cruise

I am not angry anymore about the high price of a glass of wine in Hotel Gerald, since I discovered in the Ramada chain the same glass of wine at 14 LEI! Otherwise, with a few of small observations, these hotels are really excellent, and the tourists really enjoyed staying there. Tell me your opinions about it, I hope I am not exaggerating in protecting the interests of my tourists vs my beloved Romania!

As you see, I am striving not to present Romania as a fancy expansive destination. Nevertheless, it could become also such a destination, we have many exquisite hotels with four and five stars. But I am trying to keep everything in the limit of a certain common sense, and I am going to give you another example.
Eating in a Romanian restaurant is a rewarding task sometimes, you must only 

Most of my groups come with half board, and sometimes I am trying to organize the lunch on the way. Most of restaurant owners and managers, when receiving such a call, try to offer rich tables with expansive prices, beyond the limit. Consequently, I refined my searches: don't call anymore with one day or a few hours in advance. Instead, capture and hunt the fantastic offer "Meniul Zilei" (Day offer) when I can find it.

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