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A small event, a big tragedy in Romania and the future of television

A small event, a big tragedy in Romania and the future of television

I was travelling by train from Pascani to Focsani on Monday, 17th of June. It was a nice, quiet, slow travel (the trains drive in Romania slower than 100 years ago!) and suddenly I heard a noise, I noticed a cloud of dust and saw a car wheel flying.
Searching for the deaths: fortunately, it was only one

It was for sure only a small event and a minor incident for the train, it didn't suffer any major damages. But for the crashed car turned to be a big tragedy: one man died and the car is totally destroyed. Don't give a dam for the car, but I do feel sorry and compassion for the dead. He was still young, about 35, and had no chance to survive. Most probably, his fault, but it doesn't make the things easier for his family and friends. If you are tough enough, watch the snapshots!
The TV team got everybody nervous, and no one accepted to speak with them!

All the responsible institutions came enough quickly, one by one: ambulance (totally useless, unfortunately); firemen; police; state attorney. They have been waited, and the people showed respect, love and cooperation toward them. Meanwhile, the train conductors (two or three) started to story their rich criminal records: one was at the third victim (one of them simply committed suicide by simply putting the head on the steel rail. Another one killed 17 sheeps, and the last two cows. Right or unright, no one showed mercy or regrets.
Unfortunately, this poor man payed with his life his moment of  mind absence

The TV made also a flamboyant apparition, but no one seems to be happy of it. Maybe because the Romanian televisions are very bad, and not beloved at all, or maybe because this team of journalists simply asked the worst questions, irritating everybody.

So, please be very careful in Romania or everywhere else while crossing a railways. And don't bet on the future of TV in Romania or elsewhere.

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