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Discovering Romania by bus

Discover Romania by bus

There are so  many possibilities to discover Romania by bus. First of all comes not the bus, but the route itself. Fix it according your prior knowledge, interests, recommendations and main theme of your projected trip ( wine tour, history tour, culture etc, there are endless possibilities in this fabulous country!)
Culture tour with the painted churches from Bucovina  is naturally one of your first choices when thinking to Romania

Second and third, the bus and the guide (about the guide ask me first of all, I am doing this job since 20 years with huge success). The bus is easy to find, but take care of your costs and the level of performances you need ( e.g. in the mid summer when the temperatures reaches 40 degrees Celsius you need a bus with an efficient cooling system!). Speak to the bus company and to your guide (may be that is me) about your wishes, budget, time and allow them to give you good advices. Never forget that Romanians are proud to salute you there and are very happy to help you with every little matter.
Wine tours are also possible in the fabulous Romania

A good recommended solution is taking contact with a good incoming company. I personally recommend Karpaten as the best incoming company. A few of the best specialists will be happy to find a solution to your wishes and needs, combining different means of transportation and turning your trip in a real event.
Unspoiled nature for the nature freaks is a another amazing side of Romania

Another solution is to organize your trip in Romania as an extension to a trip in another European country. There are line or special buses from the neighboring country or from Austria, Germany etc. When thinking to Austria and its many very serious and reliable bus companies, RATZENBOECK REISEN comes first in my mind, as I have worked with this small, but excellent manged company. Their program is outstanding, including an interesting circuit from Satu Mare to Timisoara, over Maramures, Bucovina and its painted churches, Szeklerland, Brasov and Bucharest. And that means totally from Austria/ St Aegidi and back a convincing itinerary of 3000 km! A fantastic trip, I must say, offering you a good piece from Hungary and Austria as a bonus!

Ceausescu Palace in Bucharest is a must, and RATZENBOECK REISEN offers it!

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