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Romania for tourists from Asia

Introducing Romania to the Asian tourists

Nevertheless Europe is stormed by Asian tourists, Romania is still out of the beaten path. We can receive much more tourists from Asia as we do know, they are highly welcomed.
Romania is an interesting spiritual destination due to the important role of the Orthodox church

I think Romania is a fantastic destination for any tourists, whether coming from Asia, Europe or another continent. We have everything, starting with urban life, to unspoiled nature and pristine beaches. Plus, we have a spiritual life, which Asian tourists can understand better than anyone else. 90 % of the Romanian population is deeply religious (Christian orthodox) and attends regularly the church, totally different from the Western world.
Romania is a wine destination, and I hope that the Taiwanese tourists will enjoy it

This simple fact makes Romania so different, and was really helpful in the history of Romanians, who peacefully withstanded much more powerful surrounding empires (Austrian, Habsburgic, Russian, Turkish etc). They all are gone, Romania and the Romanians are still here, with a pregnant identity. We are very proud of it!
Urban life in Bucharest Old Centre is a must for any foreign tourist

Many Romanians, due to their deep spirituality, felt attracted to Yoga, Zen, Chinese philosophy and Asian way of life. It may seem totally different, but it is only a different side of a special process, triggered by the basic questions of a human being. This dialogue of culture is the most important thing in the travel branch. It is not at all a clash, we respect and understand each other.
Pristine nature in Romania makes it even more attractive

Very soon I am going to have the opportunity to be the travel guide of an Asian tourists coming from Taiwan. It is a deep honor and a big pleasure, also a professional challenge. I will strive to present Romania in a realistic way, with good things and bad things. Maybe Romania is not the Paradise on Earth I dream, but is for sure nice place to see!

This group of tourists come to Romania in a bigger European Balkanic Tour, organized by the company  Albania Experience, and Mr Julian Trushi. It is going to be a fabulous tour, I am sure about it, and will keep you informed about that!

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