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Children friendliest places in Romania

Hoping you made a wonderful celebration of Christmas and New Year, allow me further to wish you from the deep of my heart a much better year than 2013, with happy trips, vacations, getaways  and travels (a part of them to Romania, please!).
This little bar from Focsani, The Robert's , is not for the little ones, but for their parents, enjoying an excellent boiled wine 

One of the most important asset of Romania are the people. They are happy, healthy, enjoy life and make excellent hosts. Besides, most of the people in Romania are very friendly with the children. In most of the cases, they are not angry, no matter what happened, if the damage was produced by a child. We love children, and in some places of Romania it is still usually to have more than 2 children per family. Now you can realize better, I am going to recommend these places of Romania as the friendliest children destination in this country of mine.

New Year scene in the small town of Focsani was definitely children friendly

If you want to know a part of Romania out the beaten path, remember and keep in mind the region from Vrancea, with its local residence and country capital in Focsani (70 000 inhabitants). Vrancea is very well renowned as a land of vineyards, and forests, but these thing are not appropriate to qualify it as children friendly destinations. Wine tasting are good for the fathers, the children themselves can visit a museum, there are a few interesting museums in the town (e.g. history museum).
To the delight of mostly all the children, Focsani had an interesting New Year  Party, with many stars singing on this opportunity.

The inhabitants from Focsani are well mannered and can behave very nice with anybody visiting this nice interesting town, a former industrial center trying to reinvent itself. They are friendly and very children friendly. The place where the inhabitants and visitors of Focsani celebrated New Year was very childrenlike decorated.

In the North of Romania you can find a the historical region of Bucovina, staying under UNESCO protection for its unique painted monasteries, very interesting both for children and parents. The landscape is hilly and totally charming, and the society seems to be still in order. The Romanian from Bucovina raise traditionally many children, they are addicted to children and really love them very much. Most of them are good story tellers, which will captivate and seduce your children. You can learn to ride horses in the small picturesque town of Radauti, will be an event for your children.

Planning your vacation in Bucovina is an easy task, I can recommend the Hotel Gerald's from Radauti, with a friendly staff and an excellent services.

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