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Most exquisite destinations in Romania

Romania is rather a cheap travel destination. You can travel a lot in Romania on a budget, it is a big rewarding provocation, as the country is wonderful and the people friendly and genuine.

But beyond this label attributed to Romania, you can also discover Romania in the luxury exquisite way. Supposing you are in the honeymoon, or you have just inherited a fortune, or you can simply afford it, try to discover Romania on this pathway. As a general warning, keep in mind and remember that the luxury hotels with four and five stars are not very often in Romania, and can occur problems while booking in your targeted period, maybe is good to use the professionals from travel agencies like Karpaten.
Hotel Intercontinental Bucharest is turning to become a legend, a myth and a landmark of the city

The hotels I am going to review I met personally and checked more times. In my opinions and according to my knowledge they are totally recommended as luxury destinations in Romania. They are really exquisite and will meet your wishes I hope.

First of all, the legendary Hotel Intercontinental Bucharest is much more than a simple luxury hotels. Rather this hotel is turning to myth and a landmark of the Romanian capital. Hard to believe, it has been build in the center of Bucharest in the 70's as a symbol of the liberal policy of the Ceausescu regime at its peak. During those difficult years was maybe the only possibility to visit Bucharest decently. It has been for more decades the tallest building from Bucharest (nowadays not anymore due to the controversial office buildings ). From the upper terrace you can enjoy the unique spectacular view of the city. Meanwhile the hotel raised again the quality of the services, being a trendsetter in the Romanian hospitality industry.
Hotel Hilton Sibiu happily combines excellent service, friendly staff and fantastic silent position

Hotel Hilton Sibiu might be another adress for a luxury vacation in Romania. Totally different from the usually philosophy of Hilton, it doesn't lie in the very center of Sibiu. On the contrary, and really indicated for the precious customer because of it, Hotel Hilton Sibiu lies outside the city, in the wonderful park of Dumbrava. Thus you can enjoy the most exquisite services in a silent fascinating neighborhood.
The architecture of the Hotel Gerald's of Radauti  is maybe not the happiest choice, but the quality and the friendhttp://romania-tours.blogspot.ro/2014/01/children-friendliest-places-in-romania.htmlliness of the service compensate everything

In a totally other region of Romania, namely Bucovina, the most Nortern region of Romania, I would recommend the Hotel Gerald's from Radauti. This region of Romania is really special, with its sweet hills and mountains and the villages where everything seems to be still in order, the same order of a few centuries ago. Bucovina is also interesting, spectacular and unique because the painted monasteries. You can discover most of these painted monasteries, staying under the roof of the above mentioned Hotel Gerald's from Radauti. Only a few meters from a spectacular orthodox church, the pride of the city, Hotel Gerald's has good service (four stars only! but really enough) and a friendly team, as everywhere in Romania.

I still have some suggestions, but that will be all by now, as I don't want to become boring. Engrave these hotels for now, and follow me further to the next posts.

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