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Romania off the beaten path

If you already visited Romania through a travel agency  on the beaten path, you might have become curious about this complicated, but fantastic country, wishing to discover it off the beaten path. If you haven't discovered Romania up to know, make your first travel here with established companies like Lidl or Karpaten, and ask second time to the same companies something off the beaten path.

But what should mean the beaten path in Romania? Well, how can I explain it, if not through notorious examples. I would say that Sibiu, Sighisoara, Medias are for sure on the beaten path. They are really seducing and very well known worldwide. But Bazna, only 10 km away from Medias is totally off the beaten path, try to visit this nice village when being in Medias.
Satu Mare is for sure an interesting city, but only in daylight

Also interesting are a few cities, town and regions lieing near the border of Romania. One of them is Satu Mare, near the northern border. Some people say Satu Mare would be one of the ugliest Romanian cities. For myself the first was a deep disappointment, it was dark, late at night, and not very much illumination. Rather a strange somber atmosphere, reminding the years of communist regime with Ceausescu as ruler. On the contrary, in day light seems to be a very nice city, with an interesting synagogue in restoration and the country's most beautiful and representatives Secession style building, which is almost 100 years old. Very close to these above mentioned building and the charming Piata Libertatii (The Place of Liberty) Hotel Aurora is a good welcoming host
Civic Center of Drobeta Turnu Severin, with the unique kinetic fountain

Totally opposed to Satu Mare on the map you can find the charming Drobeta Turnu Severin. Being there, don't miss to visit the central market with the impressive kinetic fountain. Go deeper in the downtown, admiring the nice houses, while walking to the history museum where you can see before everything else  one foot of the Appolodor bridge build here by the Romans 2 000 years ago. You can also watch the spectacular Danube dam with its huge lake and the curious marine life. Drobeta Turnu Severin is a fine, clean, wonderful city with 100 000 inhabitants and a rich history, and you can visit it lodging to the Continental Hotel from the city, because has a very friendly staff. 
This only one of the many churches of Iasi, but is one of the most important: The Cathedral

Also off the beaten path is the legendary historic city of Iasi, or Jassy. This is really an unfortunated event, both for the city as for the potential visitors. Iasi is very beloved among the Romanian, and is a former Middle Age capital of Moldavia. Culturally speaking, Iasi is even nowadays a sort of Romanian capital, with a few ruling universities, intellectual sophisticated elites and many events. Visit in Iasi the old churches and buildings, or the big park of Copou, where even Eminescu, our national myth poet, used to find its  inspiration to write immortal verses full of senses. Also interesting in Iasi are its museums. Very practically for every visitor you find four interesting museum under the same roof, in Palatul Culturii, one of the best known city landmarks.

As Romania is not a little, but a medium size country, I still have some suggestions to discover Romania unconventionally, off the beaten path. Keep in touch and follow me, I will give you so much more tips and tricks for visiting Romania.

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