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Funniest things lived while being a travel guide by Lidl

It was for me not only an event, but an honor and simultaneously a pleasure to have worked for such a renowned company as Lidl, as a professional tour guide hired by its Romania corresponding agency, namely Karpaten.

Some of the Romanian travels offered by Lidl are unbelievable cheap, really a bargain. This is the big company like LIDL getting wholesale prices, that no one else could get. Even more important, everything is done in the upper quality segment, it is not at all Romania on a budget, targeting a sustainable local development. I must congratulete LIDL for their high standards, low prices and the quality people I had the honor to introduce Romania, wish to say DANKE.
Walking through the forest around Bazna, in a hilly region, with a culturally mixed group

As a travel guide by LIDL I use to tell to the people a lot of Romanian stories, myths and legends, e.g about the traditional occupations of the Romanians, and one of them is for sure sheep breeding. Honestly, it is the historically proven true. The Romanian sheep cheese is known as "branza", "cas" or "telemea" and we got always plenty of it to the breakfast. Unfortunately for me one of the clients was also fond of lamb and mutton, and asked me very friendly and politely to think about it, doing a change in the normal standard menu. I did my best, as I always do, but the price was much bigger than the usual meat or chicken, than he should give up. Probably was not a good note for me, he is not convinced at all up today about the abundance of the mutton in Romania

Plus, during a 800 km trip I was not able to show him a shepherd (it was hot mid-summer and the sheeps were up in the mountains).

A few hundred years ago sheep breeding was one of the main occupations of the Romanians, and many national myths and legends refer to them (e.g. Miorita)

Another time when I had a group from LIDL, I should observe that I am supposed to deal with tree different groups: a German one, an Austrian one, and a Dutch one. I don't know up to know if the Dutchmen managed to understand my German language with the stories, as they asked me to speak English. I did again my best, and I think to have managed creating a friendly atmosphere among all of them. It was a challenge I loved and I have the nicest souvenirs about this very interesting mix of people. Digging deeper, I can remember that during a walking trip of a few hours inside the forest around Bazna. A Dutch woman was always the last, probably not in her best day and shape, but she found the most elegant and smart excuse possible: " We in Holland have not this hilly roads, only flat land!"
A group of Germans+a group of Austrians+a group from Holland=A funny LIDL group

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