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Essential Romania for firsttimers

In every aspect must be a first time, and even the fab Romania is not an exception. Romania deserves to be visited, and you deserve a nice holiday turning hopefully in an event.

The today Romanians are very proud to be the descendants of the brave Romans and the local Dacians

Even if you are for the first time in Romania, most probably you are not for the first time outside of your country and your comfy home. You are not going to miss them in Romania, be sure of that, so let's go the basics.

Important or not, but really easy to observe is the language. The Romanian language has a particular sound, totally different comparing with our neighbors. For a people who visited Spain, Italy or France will be very easy to see: it is a Roman language, close to any one from this proud family. Also similar to any Roman language ( e.g. Italian, French or Spanish) we have developed in Romania a renowned wine civilization. You must be prepared with all your senses, starting with taste, smell and sight to test exquisite wines. If you are a professional wine taster I won't insist, you know your job, but if you are only a wine addicted coming for the first time in Romania I must warn you, as I would like to spare from headache and nausea!
Wine tasting is an art, and you can develop it during the Romanian holidays

The beer drinkers shall not be neither angry,nor disappointed,  we have also good beers here in Romania, e.g. Ursus and Timisoreana. Besides, even the Romanians drink beer sometimes during the hot summer days. When coming to the climate, keep in mind this important issue: Romania has a mild temperate climate with strong continental influences. Translated into English, sound like this: in the mid summer it is really hot, almost 40 degrees, while in the minter really chilly, with low temperatures and heavy snow falls. We are really experiencing at the moment a bad winter, nevertheless not so bad like in Canada and U.S.A, up to now! The extreme conditions shall not mean avoid Romania during those mentioned months, you must only meet extra care. The best time for planning a Romanian vacation is from March to June, respective from September to November.
If you are going to make a culture tour in Romania, observe the fountains from the cities and villages: in a rural agricultural country the water is essential

The country is rich in natural resources and has a tremendous potential, but for the moment the average salary is between 300-400 Euros. So, be sure, your travel to Romania won't be very expensive ruining your bank accounts! You can nevertheless see Romania in style and luxury without breaking a bank.

About the possible activities during a Romanian holidays, the offer is wide and generous. The people are very friendly and always ready to help, and broadly speaking the country is one of the safest travel destinations worldwide. But, go make to the point, to the things to do in Romania. There are for sure wine tasting tours, adventure tours in more or less extreme conditions, there are culture tours and city breaks. Again important to remember: Romania is born at the countryside and still today is a proud rural country, with 50 % of the population living in bigger or smaller villages. Even Bucharest, the wonderful cosmopolitan Romanian capital, doesn't dare to neglect this important aspect: two of the best city's museums are dedicated to the countryside and the rural Romania.
The Romanian cities (here Iassy) are a charming mix of past and present

I like and love this country of mine, I have intensively traveled within it for 20 years and therefore I am glad to introduce it to you, follow me further.

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