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The mysterious Romania

Usually and normally Romania is such a peaceful destination for your getaway,travel or holiday. The people are o.k., it is really a great travel destination, one of the safest worldwide (there are no rapist, murders, criminals etc, with the little exception of pickpocketers.).

Romania is not an easy land to discover: e.g. this calendar from Sarmizegetusa gives probably indications about the hidden treasure of Decebal

Nevertheless, there is no chance to annoy during your Romanian trip.Not even if you are a treasure hunter, or a mystery hunter. I have hereby a few tips and tricks with the best places for mystery and treasure hunters.
Dracula will follow permanently during your Romanian trip

First of all, for many people Romania, or at least Transilvania, means Dracula, thank to Bram Stroker and Hollywood myths. Dracula is an overexaggerated legend, based nevertheless on an historic truth: the Romanian ruling prince Vlad Tepes. He was cruel, but right and very brave fighter against the Turks,and thus very beloved among poor simple people. When he left in a big hurry Romania, there are many speculations and allegations concerning his huge secret treasure remaining in his country. Don't bother to search the Dracula's hidden  treasure neither in Bran, that castle has nothing to do with Vlad Tepes, nor in other castles scattered all over Romania and trying to get a profit from the mainstreaming myth of Dracula. In my opinion, the treasure must be searched whether in Sighisoara, as his birthplace, or in the inaccessible fortress of Poenari. The citadel of Poenari is really an eagles' nest, making the perfect place to hide a treasure.

Another important ruler of Wallachia was Constantin Brancoveanu (1688-1714). He was actually not a fighter or a warrior, but a builder. He was very clever, diplomat and tactful and during his ruling years Vallachia met a brilliant development in arts, architecture and culture, broadly speaking. He manage to collect for himself a huge fortune, whose proportions are still subject to speculations. He build a lot of churches and monasteries, and among them the lurid monastery of Horezu, a masterpiece for sure. Visit it, is a must do, and observe the first mystery: his remains are not there! There is an explanation for sure: he also left his land suddenly, due probably to a betrayal. Afterwards, he and his four sons have been beheaded  in Istanbul, a heroic death for sure. Nobody knows what happened with his huge fortune. It might be in Mogosoaia castle, by Bucharest, Monastery of Horezu or one of the many churches and monasteries build by him in the all country.
Constantin Brancoveanu  was not a warrior, but had an heroic death

Digging much deeper in the Romanian history one can discover the Dacians (or Getes), our ancestors from the antic times (together with the Romans). In the mountains, almost impossible to conquer, they build their capital Sarmizegetusa, whose fantastic ruins are to be seen today. Strange buildings everywhere, one may think is a calendar or secret indications of a hidden treasure. In the area have been reported already fantastic funds, but the most important are to follow probably. Another point of your map of fantastic places in Romania.

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