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Best destinations in Romania for honeymooners

It must be the best time of your entire life your wedding and honeymoon. Organizing your wedding in Romania is also possible, but I am going to limit my report of today on spending your honeymoon in Romania and how to turn it in an unforgettable experience.

Danube Delta is a must see during your Romania travel or Romanian honeymoon

You must be full of burning passion, and your partner must share these fantastic feeling of love. Totally devoted each other, you will melt with the rest of the mankind and of the Universe. Love is for sure one the meanings of life, and starting from your passion discover the universal love and compassion might be an excellent idea.
The Romanian Apuseni mountains are not impossible to discover, even for the brides!

We in Romania have a lot of legends about weddings, about love, about brides. One of the most beautiful among them refers to a lake from the Western Carpathian Mountains (Muntii Apuseni). The name of the lake is Taul Miresei, and it is said that the water of this wonderful lake had special properties due to the brides bathing there just before the wedding. Every bride, totally naked, was supposed to take this ritually bath under the surveillance of the elder women in the  moonlight. The bath should be very short, and the bride was not supposed to swim.
 Until one good day when an irresponsible nonconformist bride talled to her groom to watch the secret bath from a neighboring  hill. Also, she tried to swim, and consequently she suddenly disappeared leaving no trace, excepting her fantastic chaplet. It is a beautiful yet tragic love story, and I won't unveil you the continuation, hoping from the deep of my heart that your love story will be concluded much happier.
Luxury in the middle of nowhere: Hotel Four Seaons from The Romanian Western mountains (Muntii Apuseni)

Here, in Muntii Apuseni is my first option and proposition for a honeymoon. Namely, go in its heart, in Arieseni, and choice  the exquisite Hotel Four Seasons . These mountains in that area are not very open to anyone, but nevertheless accessible. Discover them, listen to them and to the locals sharing you gladly from their wisdom and legends, when they were also young, proud and beautiful. Sometimes you don't need the words anymore to have a perfect communication. Walk on the trails from these mountains, and discover the caves and the holes from the area (Scarisoara,e.g. charming and impressive).
Pestera Scarisoara is natural wonder of Romania

Another wonder of Romania where you can still enjoy the privacy of your honeymoon  despite the mass tourism is The Danube Delta. Very stylish and luxury, with a good restaurant, with swimming pool, lies in the very center of the city of Tulcea, which is not big, but charming and peaceful for sure. You can walk for hours in this beautiful city without getting tired at all, holding the hand of your beloved one. Walk in the parks, visit the museums of Tulcea. Next days make some trips inside the Delta and eat the gorgeous fish soup, cooked by a local. Don't miss it during your Romania travel, it is unique.
Hotel Delta from Tulcea is a good starting point to discover The Danube Delta

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