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Most spectacular roads in Romania

The spring is knocking on the door here in Romania. It is an unique show and you can be a part of it. The nature is going back to life, the peasants and farmers start the season works. In the mountains the bear finish their long hibernation, and in the Romanian cities the spring cleaning is in full progress.

The impressive road of Transfagarasan was first a crazy idea of the former Romanian dictator Ceausescu

If you want to plan a Romanian trip this year, is a good idea I reckon, and now I am going to recommend you some fantastic roads in Romania, which are really spectacular, going up to 2000 meters height. Please be sure to wear appropriate clothes if take part to this adventure!
Genuine nature along Transalpina, at a height of more 2000 meters

Genuine nature and great landscapes will be your constant company during this trip through the Romanian Carpathians. You must be only to be prepared to receive this fantastic beauty with your all senses. Don't worry about the air, you don't need a mask. Fact is nevertheless that the air is much cleaner and much clearer than in the rest of Romania and of the world, broadly speaking.
Mountains everywhere on Transalpina, I hope you are not heightsick

Digging in my memory makes me to recommend two world renowned roads, accepted by experts and journalists to be among the world's most spectacular and interesting roads: Transfagaras and Transalpina. The both offer breathtaking fascinating portions.

If you remember or have heard about the former Romanian dictator Ceausescu, notice that Transfagarasan was first one of his crazy ideas. Observe carefully the neighborhood, there is no the normal way for a mountain road, namely along an existing  valley. Even if you are not a civil or road engineer, you can try to figure out the impossible task of the road builders. In the overwhelming majority, the artisans have been soldiers and prisoners. The victims were impossible to be avoided, due to the many explosions leading to falling rocks. The country's longest tunnel is of course here on the Transfagarasan, and the circulation is strictly closed from November to March, easy to understand if you imagine the costs! Romania's highest peaks are very close, namely Moldoveanu and Negoiu measuring around 2500 meters. Start the adventure of crossing the Carpathians from the town Fagaras up to Curtea de Arges. If you are a really good trained biker, you can do it even with a good bike, but keep in mind the simple fact of 32 km of permanent ascension. And the downhill is even worse and more dangerous due to the huge speeds. It is really a challenge, but you can do it, I did it myself, and I wasn't a very well trained biker at the moment  (the last kilometers I simply walked alongside the bike, please keep it secret among us!). Allow yourself a little break at the top in Balea lac, enjoy the fantastic landscape (in winter there is an interesting and unique in Romania ice hotel).

And now if you can imagine something worse than Transfagarasan and are still in an adventurous mood, remember a few things about Transalpina. Once called by the local shepherds as The Devil's Road, it is said that between the XIIIth and XIXth centuries has been build exclusively by the locals with their limited possibilities (hard to believe this legend watching the impressive and convincing mountains all around). The crossing here goes from Targu Jiu over Novaci to Sebes, reaching a height of 2145 meters. Around 1930 the Romanian King largely contributed to the building, and thus the people changed the name into King's Road (the King thought it also very strategic, mainly for a military use). 16 km along Transalpina simply is a peak road, with abyssal precipices stretching both left and right. Please keep calm, don't stop and look down, mainly if you are a heightsicker. The interesting mountain resort of Ranca is not far, you can ski in winter or stay to the many pensions, hiking and exploring the mountains.

I would only dare to please to watch your step during these unique and spectacular crossings, as I really need you for my next tips and tricks about your Romanian adventure.

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