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Tips and tricks for visiting Romania

As I wish you warmly to come here in Romania, I would like to invite you from all my heart. I am really looking forward to show the more or less renowned places of this country of mine, unveil  to you its hidden secrets, its history, geography and people ( I think actually the people come on the first place, they are really great hosts).

Must do in Romania: visit the Orthodox churches

First of all, set up your particular wishes. It is your right to assign your level of expectations, your budget, your companion and your concrete destinations. You find a lot of informations about these sensitive and most important things on my blog, as also on other blogs. Ask also your usual travel organizer and agency, inform in the leading Romanian incoming travel agencies, e.g. Karpaten, which is in my opinion the best. It is probably the most hated part of your travel, but you may not neglect it. We have a lot of tours here: adventure tours, MICE, cultural and archaeological tours, wine and gastronomy tours, birds watching tours in Danube Delta, fishing and hunting tours, spa tours, beach vacations,urban life tours etc, to name only a few.
Try to go in Romania behind the appearance and inform about the local myths and legends

Setting the budget is coming next and should be an easier task. Follow the last-minute offers, or choice not the peak of the season when the prices explode and everything is overcrowded. Besides, my tip is not to choice the cheapest option. Meeting Romania in style is totally affordable for you, I am sure that this will be one of the highlights of your Romanian tour: the excellent report between quality and price. Seeing Romania in style is for sure a kind of luxury on a budget.

Another trick: Romanians are really friendly, polite, helpful and reliable. They speak international languages for sure, but if you will learn a few local words will become even softer for you and your companion. E.g. again: instead of thank you say "multumesc" or, if this is complicated, say "mersi", like in French. By the way, for the speakers of a Roman language like French, Spanish, Italian etc it is really simple to understand and speak Romanian.
Dracula becomes in Romania a modern myth, but this country has also many other things to offer

Once arrived in Romania, try to go beyond the appearances while your visits. Romania is very rich on legends, myths and fabulous stories, and many of them are based on the historic truth. Try also to go beyond the hidden paths, and perhaps you can find a few extras on the spot! Would be great for you indeed.Try to widen your knowledge about Romania and don't limit to the big cities like Bucharest or Brasov. Meet and visit also the towns or the villages (50 % of the Romanian population still lives to the countryside and in some remote or isolated areas the tradition are exceptionally well kept).

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